How Does a Ceiling Fan Speed Control Work?


If you’re worried about the summer heat, you know that you need a ceiling fan. It’s one of those multi-functional devices that can keep you cool and if you buy a ceiling fan with lighting, can also ensure that your surrounding is well lit. While you can regulate it accordingly during the summers and winters, […]

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The Top Tips for Buying Replacement Parts for Your Ceiling Fans


All materials have a shelf life and do need to be replaced or repaired – including your ceiling fan. Here is the thing with your ceiling fan purchase – more expensive products have parts that are more difficult to find. With their quality and production made to very high standards, you cannot find them everywhere. […]

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A Ceiling Fan With Lighting: Why Do You Need One?


Looking to do more with your rooms? Wondering how you could deal with that summer heat in your rooms? While you could buy anything from curtains to lamps, there is something more you need – like a ceiling fan. Ceiling Fans: Doing More With Your Rooms You can choose ceiling fans that light up your […]

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How Do Tower Fans Work?


Money can buy almost anything – well, anything except a gust of fresh, cool and a fragrant wind. When the sweltering summer looms its shadow over us, we scramble to equip ourselves with an air conditioner for a whiff of that cool breeze. But besides the big hole in your pocket, these come a hefty […]

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Tower Fans vs Stand Fans


Fans are a quick and effective way of cooling a room. They can also be used to help with ventilation and sometimes even drying. They come in lots of different designs from contemporary to traditional and utilise many different materials including natural ones such as bamboo or palm leaves. Fans can also be relatively cheap […]

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How to Fix a Wobbly Ceiling Fan


Ceiling fans are a great way of circulating air around a room and cooling you down, especially in rooms with little ventilation. They are available in many different styles from traditional to contemporary and in various material and colours. Most of the time they work tirelessly in the background and you don’t even notice they’re […]

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How to Wire a Ceiling Fan


For some people, wiring a ceiling fan is something that they would not want to get close. You will be amazed by just how you could benefit from doing the work yourself. Depending on the type of fan you got, it would depend how complex or easy it would be to wire it. In most […]

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How to Clean a Tower Fan


As part of maintenance, cleaning of your tower fan is important. It is possible that after a while, you would get dirt accumulating on the fan making it impossible for it to work efficiently. It is not just the dirt you see, but also internal parts might be affected too. A dirty fan would tend […]

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