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Gas vs. Electric Lawn Trimmers: Which One Suits You Better?


With fall arriving soon, it’s time to take out your lawn equipment and finish some lawn maintenance. While you may need to carry out lawn trimming, you need the right equipment to help you. How Do You Go About It? Maintaining your lawn is very important but it can also be very time consuming and […]

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The Top Benefits of a Dehumidifier


Dehumidifiers are almost akin to life saving devices, given the level of air pollution and air-borne allergens all around. As a home appliance itself, a dehumidifier plays an important role in keeping the home environment clean enough to avoid prolonged contact with such elements and pollutants. Are you thinking to get hold of air humidifiers […]

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Can A Ceiling Fan Actually Keep You Warm?


You may have heard about using ceiling fans in the summer, but using it in the winters to keep you warm? Yes, ceiling fans are a possible method of keeping you warm in the long suffering winter months. They are in fact a cheaper method, than the usual heating equipment. Here is a short reason […]

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History of the Ceiling Fan


Rotating ceiling fans are a souvenir of the 1860s and 170s of the American history: long before they operated on electricity, the rotating ceiling fans used to function on the classic design of running water turning turbines to activate a series of belts and straps which used to rotate the fan. How Was It Made? […]

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How Does a Ceiling Fan Speed Control Work?


If you’re worried about the summer heat, you know that you need a ceiling fan. It’s one of those multi-functional devices that can keep you cool and if you buy a ceiling fan with lighting, can also ensure that your surrounding is well lit. While you can regulate it accordingly during the summers and winters, […]

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The Top Tips for Buying Replacement Parts for Your Ceiling Fans


All materials have a shelf life and do need to be replaced or repaired – including your ceiling fan. Here is the thing with your ceiling fan purchase – more expensive products have parts that are more difficult to find. With their quality and production made to very high standards, you cannot find them everywhere. […]

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A Ceiling Fan With Lighting: Why Do You Need One?


Looking to do more with your rooms? Wondering how you could deal with that summer heat in your rooms? While you could buy anything from curtains to lamps, there is something more you need – like a ceiling fan. Ceiling Fans: Doing More With Your Rooms You can choose ceiling fans that light up your […]

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How Do Tower Fans Work?


Money can buy almost anything – well, anything except a gust of fresh, cool and a fragrant wind. When the sweltering summer looms its shadow over us, we scramble to equip ourselves with an air conditioner for a whiff of that cool breeze. But besides the big hole in your pocket, these come a hefty […]

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