Best Ceiling Fans For Bedrooms


Just about everything you need to know about buying the best ceiling fans for bedrooms Too Hot to Sleep? You find out exactly how important the best ceiling fans really are around the middle of August, especially when the nights aren’t just extremely hot but also pretty muggy as well. Unfortunately, a lot of people […]

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How To Measure Ceiling Fan Size


Choosing the right ceiling fan is dependent on more than one variable. For example, you’ll want to make sure that the fan you choose complements the décor of the room. You may also want to make sure that any fan you choose is powerful enough to get the job done and finally you need to […]

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Should You Run an Air Conditioner & Ceiling Fan Together?


Everyone seems to have their own point of view on this. Some agree, others vehemently disagree. Some manufacturers give you the go-ahead, and others say yes, but give you a list of warnings. The internet is loaded with conflicting information. Who is right, who is wrong? Should you run an air conditioner & ceiling fan […]

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Best Hunter Ceiling Fans Review


Hunter have been designing and creating ceiling fans since 1886 and their wealth of experience and expertise has propelled them to the very pinnacle of the industry. They pride themselves on being able to move with the times and they make sure they have the edge on the latest research, this is why in 2015 […]

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How to Oil a Ceiling Fan


Unfortunately it’s not uncommon for ceiling fans to wear over time, and when this happens they will need a little bit of tender loving care to get them running again. You should be able to identify when your ceiling fan needs some routine maintenance by an increase in the amount of noise it produces. When […]

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Find The Perfect Ceiling Fans Styles

ceiling fans types

It doesn’t really matter where you live, it doesn’t matter if you are facing the heat wave or if you live somewhere with a slightly cooler weather, at some point of the year you are going to find yourself wishing you had a ceiling fan. For those who don’t know, there are several types of […]

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Major Distinguishing Features of Indoor and Outdoor Ceiling Fans


A ceiling fan is a vital house add-on that improves the living condition of your home. Despite having wide windows and proper ventilation, a ceiling fan is necessary especially during summer to cool off the excess heat that may accumulate the house, by supplying cold fresh air. However, with their essence comes the differences in […]

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Review of Minka Aire Ceiling Fans


Imagine yourself sitting comfortably beneath a fresh breeze. Now imagine that breeze coming from a superbly designed source. Minka Aire ceiling fans provide superior air circulation while also being extremely attractive works of art. What Makes Minka Aire Ceiling Fans so Special? Cool And Unique Ceiling Fans It is not difficult to see why the […]

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Factors that Determine Ceiling Fan Airflow


Searching for a ceiling fan will require a great deal of thought. This is because you will want to find the perfect fan to fit your décor. However, you should always consider the motor that is used with the fan. This is what is going to determine the amount of power the fan has, how […]

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Ceiling Fans with Lights for Home Décor


If you are looking for a unique way to spruce up the look of your home then you should strongly consider ceiling fans with lights. You are going to find that they can be purchased in a wide variety of colors and sizes. This means that you can create a number of different styles. All […]

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