The Top Benefits of a Dehumidifier


Dehumidifiers are almost akin to life saving devices, given the level of air pollution and air-borne allergens all around. As a home appliance itself, a dehumidifier plays an important role in keeping the home environment clean enough to avoid prolonged contact with such elements and pollutants.

Are you thinking to get hold of air humidifiers for your home? Air humidifiers don’t just help you deal with mite and mold growth, they offer several other health benefits as well. In fact, it’s your one-stop source to get cleaner, better air for your home and ward off different diseases over the longer run.

We will take a look at how you can check mite and mold growth easily with air humidifiers and why you need it for a better health.

How Important are Air Humidifiers?

Recent U.N. stats claim that about 3.5 million deaths a year are caused due to indoor air pollution whereas 3.3 million deaths occur due to outdoor air pollution.

Over the years, WHO, an organ of U.N., has been conducting global research programmes to identify the causes of major diseases, risk factors and injuries. These stats are alarming as the total number of deaths a year, due to air pollution amount to 6.3 million; out of which a major share is owned by indoor air pollution deaths.

What is Indoor Air Pollution?

Air pollution is usually considered as being outdoor air pollution or caused due to external factors. But air pollution is both indoor and outdoor.

The air in your house can be as polluted as the air outside. There are various sources that cause indoor air pollution which include pollen, tobacco smoke, pesticides, radon &carbon monoxides like gases, materials used in buildings such as asbestos, formaldehyde and lead.

How Does an Air Humidifier Help?

Apart from air pollution, dry air in your home can also lead to different problems – including dry nose, sinuses and dry lips.

It also helps you deal with problems like molds – which could pose a severe health threat.

Household products like oven, dry cleaners, laundry power, floor polish, paint thinners, grease, motor oil and others along with moulds which are basically fungi that can be found in damp and humid conditions.

Therefore, getting a dehumidifier is a smart decision. To know exactly why, read on a purview of the benefits a dehumidifier can provide.

Manage the Presence and Effect of Allergens

  • Mildew, moulds, dust mites and pet hair are the most common allergy triggering factors. They are minute and their presence is widespread, literally enough to make people sick.
  • Humidity on its own is a big contributing factor for these allergens to become more active and irritating to the senses.
  • So overly humid weather areas, as well as crucial spaces of the house, like the bathroom or kitchen, particularly in small or basement apartments, suffer a lot from this situation.

A dehumidifier will lower the humidity levels in the space in which it is put, thereby dramatically reducing the effect of allergens. Robbed of humidity, mites settle, mould does not get a favorable environment to grow and thereby the environment is made more breathable and allergen free. The users of humidifiers report lesser skin irritation, freshness of air in the rooms, lesser incidence of allergies and better air circulation.

Get Lower Numbers on the Electricity Bills

By installing a dehumidifier, one allows the air conditioning to work more efficiently, thereby reducing the power usage of the air conditioning. When the air inside is overloaded with humidity, the air conditioners are burdened with making the air dry as well as cooling it down to the set temperature.

Hence to compensate for this extra work, air conditioners utilize extra power and often use more electricity than the projected value by the manufacturers.

But with a dehumidifier in place, the air conditioners no longer have to remove excess moisture from the air and use less power, thereby providing the user with marked difference in the electricity bills. The humidifiers take care of reducing the humidity and provide better results for improving breathable air than the air conditioning alone. So the users of humidifiers get better air with reduced electricity bills.

Prevent Growth of Mould Spores on Wooden Furniture, Upholstery, and more.

Dehumidifiers help prevent the possibility that mould should attack the living and working spaces and ruin furniture and upholstery. Excess humidity spurs the incidence of moulds. It also negatively affects wooden furniture and fixtures.

Moreover, curtains are also vulnerable to mould attacks because in a humid environment, they provide an ideal substratum for mould to grow and spread. With the help of a dehumidifier, though, this is prevented to a very large extent.

Moulds if unchecked can invade cupboards and spread to valuable books, clothes, delicates and linen therein. This in turn also increases incidence of skin irritations and infections. Moreover, mould renders rotting of said articles and a musty smell to the rooms, making them unfit for inhabitation. Therefore, dehumidifiers are a one stop solution to disaster prevent and/ or management.

Other Miscellaneous Issues Solved By Dehumidifiers

If the above detailed issues do not convince the reader that dehumidifiers are an essential investment, then perhaps the following advantages of dehumidifiers will do a better job.

  • Dehumidifiers contribute significantly to curb the menace of water marks on walls and ceilings. They help reduce the spreading and aid the drying of internal pipe leaks and do not let fungi and mould to grow and spread.
  • Dehumidifiers ensure humidity levels are balanced in areas like bathrooms, basements, etc which does not have adequate windows and ventilation systems.
  • Dehumidifiers curb the spreading of mould spores if they have already started affecting spaces like the wall, bathtubs, curtains, etc. dehumidifiers also are essential in getting rid of existing mildew and musty odors characteristic of poorly ventilated spaces.

Thus, dehumidifiers are a wise product to add to the household and are absolutely essential towards good housekeeping and healthy living. There are a number of dehumidifiers available and the most suitable one is generally judged according to the intended place of use and the prevalent humidity levels of that place.

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