Hi there folks, my name is John and I live in the beautiful Irish countryside, where we have plenty of land for gardening. Having only moved to this house about four years now, it provided us with a blank canvas, to experiment with. The house also has the great bonus of agarden in ireland river running through the land and a stream joining the river at the top of the land.my purpose of this website is to give my spin on gardening, showing you my actual experiences of what I have done over the years with our gardens. I am currently helping a number of neighbours with their gardens as well, right now I am putting a hedge of whitethorn , numbering 1000 plants for a friend.My wife and I will be putting up new articles every week and we would appreciate comments or even advice on any of our subjects.

Our readers are from both sides of the pond , United States / Canada and United Kingdom / Europe, so in order to facilitate our readers that may want to go to our suppliers, we have put in links from America and the UK in order to guarantee deliveries.

You can contact me through e mail here.

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