Getting the best case fan for gaming PC is essential because gaming PC has a high tendency of getting hot. It’s even more important to get a good case fan for your PC if you’re making use of high-end components like a great graphics card, or you plan to overclock your PC. Some PCs struggle while others shut down repeatedly when there is no good airflow. So without further ado, here are the top three best case fans you should consider getting for your gaming PC.

What Is the Best Case Fan For Gaming PC?

Are PC Case Fans Important?

It is a well-known fact that heat is one of the major problems of computers and gaming PCs tend to generate it more than other computers. Since heat cannot be eliminated totally, the use of case fans become important. What the case fan does is to take away the hot air from your PC and then swap it with cooler air from the outside. So they are vital to keeping your gaming PC from overheating.

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Are 2 Fans Enough For a Gaming PC?

Having two fans for your gaming PC will be perfectly fine. You also have to ensure that you set it up correctly or they won’t work as they are intended to. Ensure that you place one in the rear end and then the other at the front. Set the orientation of the fans to allow the rear fan to push hot air out of your case and the front fan pull in the fresh air. You don’t need to wait until you start running multi-GPU setups before you start implementing further cooling measures.

How Many Fans Should a PC Have?

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The number of fans that a PC should have is greatly determined by the case. If you were to have a compact case that is light and portable, you might only have room for one fan. If you have a modern gaming tower, then you will be faced with a lot of options for installing fans. You just have to ensure that you have an intake fan and an exhaust fan.

Do Case Fans Help Cool CPUs?

The GPU of most computers gets incredibly hot when the PC is in use. Obviously, this is because the GPU is where graphics processing takes place. So, to keep a gaming PC at an optimum temperature, people often think of installing case fans, but case fans don’t cool CPUs. Although it’s a helpful added feature, you can buy for your PC. The CPU fans pick up air from inside the case and exhaust it through the back. But you can fix one anyway; it helps keep the temperature of your PC low.

Do Case Fans Make a Difference?

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The case fan is a simple engineering device. Taking a look at all the components of the gaming Pc; it can be easily established that it uses electricity. The use of electricity will produce heat which must be flushed out into the air.

The inward cool of the computer must be sustained and this is where the case fan comes in handy. Hot air will be drawn out of the case which will allow outside air to come into the case.

This technology comes with appropriate vent which is needed to produce excellent results. If the hot air is not gotten rid of, the system (that is designed to protect itself) will automatically shut down.

The case fan pulls the hot air out and will prevent the components of the gaming Pc from burning out- the CPU will be worst hit if the gaming Pc is overheated..

Now to the question: Do case fans make a difference? The answer is a definite yes!

Best Case Fan For Gaming PC Reviews on the Market

#1. upHere White Computer Case Fan

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The upHere computer case fan is well-designed to ensure balanced airflow and air pressure as it is compatible for most cases. This fan puts in a better performance than most standard fans. It sports an LED double ring lighting design with custom-molded blades that have a frosted texture.

Thanks to the fact that it is a superb cooling system, the fan provides a calm and dreamy experience by emitting gentle, stable, and bright LED light. The LED ring maintains the uniformity of the color and brightness; this can be seen from all angles and it improves the aesthetics of the chassis.

This case fan boasts of high-quality hydraulic bearing and a high fan speed of 1300 RPM. Given these conditions, the upHere computer case fan has a lifetime of about 40000Hrs. This case fan is super quiet when in operation and that is because of the amazing noise cancellation design.

The utilization of 8 anti-vibration pads is what helps to reduce the resonance between the PC case and the fan blades, which greatly reduces working noise and boosts efficiency. It is also very simple to set up and you don’t need to call in a handyman.


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#2. Vetroo DR12 3-in-1 Case Fan

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The Vetroo case fan is also one that is capable of minimizing the heat that is produced in your gaming PC thanks to its perfect design. This version does not support motherboard control as it is the latest of the Aigo RGB Case fan kit. Since there is no motherboard connection, you have to plug it into the power supply via a Molex connector. It also has a control hub that supports up to 8 fans, which do not have to be in a particular order. The fan speed and LED color are adjustable and you can make changes to them by using the restart port.

It is very quiet when in operation as the max noise level is 16 dBA. It comes shock-absorbing pads, double ring RGB, long-life hydraulic bearing, and 9 unique fan blades which improve the air circulation. It has a fan speed of 1200 RPM. You get a one year warranty. In case you get a defective item or you get the wrong item, you get the chance to return it. The setup process is also straightforward as everything you need is there.


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#3. UpHere 12BK3-3 Computer Case Fan

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The UpHere 12BK3-3 is a 120 mm large case fan that offers a power-packed cooling system for your PC. Its blade design offers a can produce up to 38 CFM of cold air. They are also super silent, with its wear-resistant hydraulic gearing construction, it produces less than 19 dB. This 12BK3-3 case fan is also straightforward to install and use. It also features rubber pads which act as an anti-vibration. These anti-vibration pads help to reduce the vibration the fan produces. Its 1.44W motor can produce a constant speed of 1200 RPM.

Unboxing an UpHere 12BK3-3, you’d find 3 case fans with 12 case fan screws. The 12BK3-3 are enhanced and optimized with a static pressure of 58 Pa so that you can expect a much better cooling performance with this model. Its 9-blade design is not only beautiful but also provides a steady heat dissipation with balanced air volume and wind pressure. It is very durable and supports a longer working service life of more than 40000 hours.


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#4. UpHere RGB 123-5 Case Fans

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The UpHere RGB 123-5 is a perfect combination of low noise airflow, efficiency, and RGB LED lighting. And for much better cooling capacity, you can employ connecting this model of case fans in series with synchronous color change. Despite how fast the blades of the UpHere RGB 123-5 works, it doesn’t create a nuisance noise.

And you can use the wireless remote control to match the colors intelligently. In a box of the RGB 123-5, you’d get up to five case fans. Its 6.36 W power motor can generate a speed of up to 1100 RPM. This RGB 123-5 is a very durable case fan and would work excellently well for you for a very long time without developing faults, especially with its 40000 hours lifespan.


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#5. PCCOOLER PC-5M120 Case Fans

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The PCCOOLER PC-5M120 is a 120mm fan with a second-generation ARGB dual light and loop design. The fan can be controlled with a wireless remote controller. It features a 9-blade fan with an aerodynamic design to process a large amount of air. It’s hydraulic bearing technology also supports a much longer life service to reduce noise and oil overflow and generally to improve its heat dissipation efficiency. Its life expectancy is not less than 30,000 hours of service.

The PCCOOLER PC-5M120 also features a double-sided silicone fan frame with eight pieces of shock-absorbing rubber pads. Its powerful motor can generate speeds ranging from 1000 – 1800 RPM, which can intelligently control the temperature. On opening a box of the PC-5M120, you’d find 5 Corona 120 mm PWM fans, and other useful parts. This model of PCCOOLER supports 120/240/360 mm radiators and motherboard ARGB.


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If you are an avid gamer and you do a lot of work on your PC; then what we have below is a must-read.

Your PC generates a lot of heat which will reduce its smooth operation and ultimately the lifespan of it. You need a case fan that will ensure the free flow of heat out of your Pc.

We shall show you the importance of the case fan to the efficiency of your fan and what you must do to get the best among the options that are online.

Things to Consider in Buying Best Case Fans For Gaming PC

Everybody that goes online wants the best option that will give them real value on their investment; the majority comes out telling stories that touch the heart.

If you want best case fan for your gaming Pc, the following tips will be of help:


One of the chief considerations is the size of the fan. They come in different sizes. It must be stated here that the bigger the size of the fan, the better for your gaming Pc. Therefore, you must be on the lookout for a bigger size.


The speed of the fan which is measured in revolutions per minute (RPM) is another factor. Fans with high speed are noisy when compared with models with lower speeds. Your needs or preferences will be the deciding factor here.


There are several varieties in the market. An investment in the Hydraulic type will give you better results.

Sound Level

Check out the sound level of the fan before clicking the order now button. Make sure you are investing in the fan with the lowest amount of noise.