PC gaming is among the popular leisure activities among the current generation. Some people have even adopted this practice as a career earning them money. Nevertheless, for the best performance of the PCs coupled with high-end graphics, the PCs used often need to work at optimal levels. This, however, usually generates a lot of heat which, when not managed properly often results in negative consequences such as slow PC operations and even causing damage to the PC motherboards with time.

Therefore, one of the popular heat management for gaming PCs is always the cooling technique that utilizes some of the best cooling fans for PCs in the market. Choosing the best cooling fan for gaming pc is always a difficult process that requires several considerations; thus time-consuming. Similarly, choosing a wrong fan may also be consequential to the PC and the user.

Thus choosing the best cooling fan will guarantee for the best gaming experience and listed below are some of the best cooling fans for gaming PCs already selected for you.

How to Choose the Best Cooling Fans For Gaming PC

The wide variety of gaming pc cooling fans in the tech market has made it difficult for those planning on acquiring the best of these cooling fans that would satisfy their needs. Therefore, certain factors often need consideration before committing to one specific brand for use. Some of these factors include:

The fan size

The gaming pc cooling fans often come in different sizes from at least an 80mm fan through to 200mm and beyond. This is always an important factor to consider because it is always important to purchase a cooling fan that will actually fit into your specific pc comfortably.

The size feature also matters because it often affects airflow capacity and fan noise. Thus, large CPU cooling fans can often move large volumes of air with ease, and less noise whereas the smaller fan sizes often move less air, and increasing this airflow volume often results in many noisy operations.

Power connectors for the fans

Pc cooling fans often run on 12 volts with power from the pc motherboard or direct power source. There are three types of connectors: the small Molex connectors with 2 pins, 3 pin connectors with a tachometer signal which allows the motherboard to read the fan’s RPM and 4 pin connector fans with PMW signal capabilities for speed control.

These connectors are often crucial as they also affect the fan’s speed, noise level, and pricing. They also make controlling of these fans much easy and with a variety of setting options to select with 4 pin ones being the easiest to control with the most varied setting options.

Fan aesthetics

The appearance of your pc while gaming is also a matter worth considering. Therefore the different designs of cooling fans with several styles and LED lighting systems to ensure that the system and the general gaming environment are ambient, well lit, and attractive overall. You do not want to be hanging out in a dull environment the rest of the time you use your computer thus this factor is often worth considering although after ensuring that the picked fan actually cools the pcs effectively.

The airflow rate of the fan

For effective cooling, the fans often need to have a higher level of airflow. Thus, the more the volume of air flowing through the pc, the faster the cooling effect and vice versa. Nevertheless, this factor is often directly associated with the fan’s speed since for some fans to achieve the highest airflow rate, they often need to operate at maximal speed, and this will, in turn, create uncomfortable noises. Thus, careful consideration should also be placed on this feature to ensure the perfect selection.

Fan speed

Fan speeds are also a matter of considerations as the faster the cooling fan rotates every minute to achieve efficient airflow and cooling, the higher the chances it becomes noisier. Hence, you should always select one with moderate speed and optimal results which will not impose negative consequences on your work environment.

The controls

This is also an important aspect of consideration since it often determines the ease with which the fan is managed. Furthermore, different control types of these fans also allow for adjustable speeds which have a direct impact on the airflow rate, noise level, and the efficiency by which the fan is cooling the system.

Top 10 Best Cooling Fans for Gaming PCs Review

#1. Best For Gaming PC – Uphere 3-Pack 120mm Computer Case Cooling Fan  

cooling pc fan

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The upHere pc cooling fan brand never disappoints when it comes to delivering the best cooling fans for pcs more so those designed for gaming as they heavily work and generate a lot of heat.

They are thus designed with unique features for maximal cooling effect. For instance, their designs allow for enhanced cooling effect as they can circulate air volumes at 38 CFM at a constant speed of 1200RPM guaranteeing for a much high airflow rate.

These models are also designed with capabilities of balancing the airflow rate and the air pressure providing exemplary performance. These cooling fans also come in a 3 in 1 value pack for maximum performance.

The fans operate on an ultra-silent mode at about 19 dBA are also economical in terms of power input and output features. They are also environmentally friendly since they are compliant with the RoHS directives.

Furthermore, these cooling fans also come with high quality LED lightings for style and elegance and fluid dynamic bearing with an oil capsule for effortless cooling thus longer service period.


  • They are easy to install
  • Provides sufficient airflow
  • Operates quietly
  • Economical operational cost
  • Comes at an affordable price
  • Aesthetic and stylish for the pcs
  • They are long-lasting
  • Quality cooling fans


  • The LED lighting only works on full speed
  • There were complaints from users on occasional substandard screws and screw holes


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#2. Best Smart – MSI CPU Cooling Fan 

external cooling fan for desktop pc

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The MSI brands are also the best in the market, producing quality pc cooling fans. These pc cooling fans often come with a set of unique features guaranteeing for their excellent performance on cooling the gaming pcs which generate massive amounts of heat.

These fans, therefore, have a nickel-plated copper baseplate for an effective heat conduction system from the CPU to the heat pipes efficiently by creating a large and highly conductive area.

They also exploit the unique airflow control technology by the MSI installed into the baseplate array of aluminum fins directing the flow of air precisely on to the heat pipes for maximal heat dispersion.

Furthermore, these fans also utilize the Torx fan technology, which generates a massive airflow amount for extensive and efficient cooling at about 71.27 CFM. This fan model also supports the dual fan system, although not included in the package, this allows for reduced straining of one fan facilitating even much silence.

They are to install as they fit with almost all the popular Intel and AMD socket brands which are the popular PC processors in the market today.


  • Supports and fits to numerous pc types
  • Quality product
  • Operates on acceptable noise levels of 33.6 decibels
  • Allows for additional fan
  • Great aesthetic appearance
  • Sufficient airflow
  • Favorable pricing


  • Does not fit on some motherboards
  • Large and cumbersome to install


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#3. Best Quiet – CORSAIR AF120 LED High Airflow Cooling Fan 

external cooling fan for desktop pc

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The Corsair brands also supply the best pc cooling fans in the market, exhausting many unique features for an excellent performance. For instance, these pc cooling fans ensure a high airflow rate of up to 52 CFM at a speed of about 1400 RPM, and this improves the air circulation rate in these fast heating pcs enabling effective cooling. They also come with four hub-mounted LEDs for stylish and vivid lighting of the pc systems.

Furthermore, they are also installed with custom fan blades and hydraulic bearings for smooth and noise-free operations even at peak performances. Their design also allows for an ideal balance between the airflow rate and the static pressure guaranteeing efficiency during use as a case fan or with Corsair hydro series liquid CPU coolers. The fan blades are also opaque, thus diffusing the LED lighting resulting in a stunningly beautiful illumination of the system.


  • They are easy to install
  • They are aesthetically appealing in performance
  • Operates on acceptable noise levels
  • Provides sufficient airflow
  • They are quality fans
  • They are durable


  • The LED light not bright enough
  • Vibrates a lot during operation


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#4. Best Case Fan – upHere Silent Red LED Computer Case Fan and Radiators  

good cooling fans for pc

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This is another model from the upHere brand with a unique set of features enabling an excellent cooling system. This is a premium model for cooling all sorts of pc areas such as the case, the CPU and it comes with an LED double ring colorful lighting system.

The fan’s translucent custom-molded fan blades with frosted texture coupled with the LED system provides a gentle and dreamlike expression by emitting soft, constant and bright red light when turned on.

The fans are also long-lasting with a lifetime of about 20000 hours of high-speed full working conditions. It also comes with hydraulic bearing and 8 anti-vibration pads to reduce resonance between the fan blades and the pc case thus reducing the operating noise levels to the minimum of about 20dBA which is pretty low for many fans while improving performance.

These fans are also designed for easy installation by any individual. Their technology also enabled for a balanced airflow rate and air pressure for perfect compatibility with the pc, thus efficiency during operation. The bearings and the anti-vibration pads also contribute to the long life expectancy of these cooling fans.


  • They are easy to install
  • They are aesthetic in operation
  • Long-lasting
  • Quiet during operation
  • Versatile in functionality
  • Favorable pricing


  • Small fan blade sizes (Less than 120mm)
  • The lighting shuts off on low power operations


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#5. Best 120mm – Corsair Air Series LED Quiet High Airflow Cooling Fan Twin Pack 

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This is also another model from the popular Corsair brands. This model is also among the best in the market as they also provide excellent cooling effects on cooling pcs globally when installed.

Some of its features include that it has translucent fan blades with a frosted texture which when combined with the LED lighting system; it produces ambient light emissions throughout the system which are appealing and dramatic.

The 120mm by 25mm custom-molded fan blades ensures a sufficient airflow rate of about 52.19 CFM while operating at a maximum of 1500 RPM. The fan blades are also extra thin for less turbulence and noise, and they also have a bearing for reduced vibrations and noise during the performance.

Thus, their noise level runs at about 25 dBA. These pc cooling fans are also economical in the sense that they consume minimal power of about 0.40 A during maximum working. They are also available in twin and single packs with special system installation requirements thus needing a motherboard with an open standard 3-pin fan connector.


  • They are easy to install
  • Cost-effective
  • Aesthetic and appealing
  • Quiet during operation
  • Provides sufficient airflow
  • Quality products


  • Pretty specific motherboard system for installation
  • Dim LED lights

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#6. Best with Multiple Light – Pccooler 120mm Moonlight Series PC Gaming Fan with Quiet Light Mode 

best cooling fans for gaming pc

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This model from the Pc Cooler brand suppliers is also the best in the market as they come with features uniquely installed for maximal cooling effects. This pc cooling fan is unique in that it can often be controlled by a wireless remote controller providing more powerful color variations while managing certain effects such as noise and vibrations for maximal cooling effect.

They hence come with an intelligent control system as they are 5 times full function PMW fans. The intelligent controls regulate the temperatures by managing the speeds of the fans within a range of 1000 to 1800 RPMs. This further facilitates the management of the noise level produced as this model becomes louder with much speed.

The RGB remote controller hence has three buttons that directly control fan speeds at 1000, 1400, and 1800 RPM.

These pc cooling fans are also popular for their dual light loop system designs controlled by the RGB remote controller. The RGB LEDs installed in the fans allow for 12 lighting modes of 8 different colors at multiple RGB light speeds. This results in colorful light streaming effects when the pc is operating.

These fans are also shockproof as they are designed with a fan frame fixed on either side with 8 pieces of shock-absorbing rubber pads which increase their work efficiency by minimizing vibrations and reducing noise emissions.

Moreover, the fans also come installed with top hydraulic bearing technology which reduces the noise levels and improves heat dissipation. This, in essence, increases the service life of these fans to an approximate of 30000 hours of constant maximum working.

The wireless RGB controller is also beneficial in the sense that it assists in selective switching of the lighting system of the fans without depending on the fan’s rotations and speed as is in some fans.

These fans are multipurpose as they can support the cooling of multiple sections of the gaming pcs such as the CPU, the Computer Case, and the GPU among others. They also Support 120/240/360mm radiators, motherboard ARGB (+5V/3Pin), and RGB (+12V/4Pin) and they also sync with other cooling fans models such as the ASUS and the MSI brands.


  • They are long-lasting
  • Aesthetic and colorfully appealing
  • Comes with an instructional manual for installation and operation
  • Ultra-silent during operation
  • Comes packaged with numerous accessories
  • High build quality
  • Compatible with other brands and motherboards


  • Very difficult to install
  • Sufficient airflow requires maximal speeds


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#7. Best Economic – uphere Long Life Computer Games Case Fan  

cooling pc fan

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This is also another model from upHere suppliers. It comes with the best cumulative features for excellent cooling effects; thus; it qualifies as some of the top best gaming pc cooling fans in the current market. These fans are attributed to high-performance standards as they facilitate high airflow rates affecting cooling of the pcs at a massive scale.

They also come with hydraulic bearing technology with closed and loop back lubricant supply circuit design and a much larger lubricant storage space for effortless, vibration, and noise-free operations at reduced noise levels of about 19 dBA which in turn increases their service life to over 40000 hours.

They also have anti-vibration rubber pads for reduced vibrations and an optimized and enhanced static pressure for better cooling performance. The design of these 9-blade fans is also appealing and beautiful, and their capability to balance airflow volume and air pressure provides for even much stronger heat dissipation. They come in a 3-in-1 value pack for customer preference.


  • They operate in silence
  • They are easy to install
  • They are economical cooling fans
  • Complies with RoHS thus protects the environment
  • Fairly priced
  • Facilitates sufficient airflow


  • Brittle due to manufacturing material thus prone to breaking


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#8. Best with Controller – LEDdess Addressable Wireless RGB LED 120 mm Case Fans

fan cooler for pc

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These gaming pc cooling fans are also among the best as they feature unique specifications for improved and efficient performances. Their designs are unique, with emphasis on beautiful lighting systems. These fans come with a DS RGB control box capable of supporting 10 times RGB fans and 2 times RGB LED devices.

They also have an RF 3-in-1 wireless remote controller for easily selecting and adjusting the speed of the fan, RGB lighting effects and colors. The fan blades are large enough at the size of 120mm for high air flow rates affecting massive cooling effects. The lighting LED system further emanates a colorful sight in the pc system.

They have ultra-thin blades for minimal turbulence, corner pads for managing vibrations, and hydro-bearing technology for minimizing noise emission and prolonging service lifetime. They operate at a relatively high speed of about 700 to 1500 RPM adjusted by the remote controller while circulating air at a flow rate of 38 CFM. This guarantees efficiency in heat dispersal and improved cooling effects.

Also, the 6 pin interface connector guarantees stability and safety during performance output.


  • They are stylish and aesthetic
  • They are easy to control and operate
  • Easy to install
  • Quality and safe products
  • Adequately silent during operation
  • Quite cheap and affordable
  • Long-lasting service provision


  • Noise levels often increase with fan speed
  • High power intake
  • Does not come with an instructional manual


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#9. Best External Cooling Fan For PC – Pccooler Laptop Cooling Pad with LED Fans

best cooling fans for gaming pc

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This model from the Pc Cooler is very advanced with unique features making it the best gaming pc cooling fans in the market. Their design is beautiful and appealing, creating a lucrative blend with the pcs and the environment.

These cooling fans often come with a 2.5mm stainless steel honeycomb cooling pad mesh designed surface for the stability of laptops, excellent airflow and great heat dissipation. The cooling system is often comprised of a 4 ultra-quiet 85mm fans and one powerful but silent 110 mm fan which when working together enables efficient airflow for heat dispersion at the speeds of about 1100 to 1400 RPM.

They also come with installed 10 red LED lights for aesthetics and beautification of the gaming environment. The design of this fan is in a stable and safe stand like a portrait with a 5mm iron bracket capable of adjusting through to six angles, both high and low during gaming for comfort and efficient cooling.

Furthermore, this model comes with switch type adjustable speed design with a power indicator and a step-less speed regulation that can adjust the speed of the fans.

There is also an extended power supply interface capable of connecting the laptop to an external mouse, keyboard, or USB flash drive. It is extensively suitable for a wide range of laptop sizes from 12 to about 17 inches.


  • They are aesthetic and beautiful
  • Operates in total silence
  • Comes at fair prices
  • Powerful and provides sufficient airflow
  • They are multipurpose fans
  • Comes with an instructional manual
  • High-quality laptop stands


  • Insufficient airflow for cooling gaming laptops
  • Top inclination angle often slippery


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#10. Best Powerful – KLIM Pro Laptop Rapid Cooling Fan with Ventilated Support

best pc cooling fans

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This pc cooling fan from the KLIM startup companies has proven to have the features to feature in the best gaming pc cooling fans in the market globally. This company grew very quickly and became popular due to its quality products and the efficiency of its products for professional pc users.

Some of their special features include the fact that they come with two powerful fans which rotate at the speeds of about 1200 RPM enabling for a quick and efficient cooling within minutes. These cooling fan stands are also compatible with all laptop models ranging from 11 inches to about 16-inch laptop covering the entire laptop base for maximum heat dissipation.

Moreover, these fans are also stable and steadily designed, minimizing the risks of falling and braking thus durable and long-lasting to the laptop’s lifetime. They are also cost-effective as they are durable and thus do not warrant frequency in purchases, and similarly, they are at fair and affordable prices in the market.

They also operate quietly with the noise levels ranging between 20 to 26 dB even to a maximum operational state, and they are super lightweight, allowing for effortless carrying and movements. This product comes with a warranty period of five years.


  • It is aesthetic
  • Operates quietly
  • Robust and durable
  • Economical and cost-effective
  • Cheap and affordable to many
  • Comes with favorable warranty measures


  • No LED lighting system
  • Substandard cooling for larger laptops


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Are Bigger PC Fans Better?

This is a matter of user requirements and satisfaction levels. Generally, bigger fans often move larger amounts of air at much lower rotations per minute with minimal noise levels while attaining an effective cooling scheme while for a smaller fan to achieve this rate of cooling, and they often have to rotate much faster to move similar amounts of air stressing out their motors thus producing irritating noises during operations.

Thus many people prefer bigger fans; however, some of these gaming pcs have been designed to accommodate specific measurements of fans more so the standard fan size thus cannot allow for the installation of larger cooling fan models, and thus, restricting many of those who prefer large fans back to many standards or smaller fans. Nevertheless, in perfect installation space, larger fans are often better than smaller ones.

How Big Is a 120mm Fan?

A 120 mm fan measures a length of 120 mm by a width of 120 mm (the measurements of the top or bottom areas) and a height of 25 mm from top to bottom when placed flat on a hard surface.

Furthermore, the distance between each consecutive screw holes measures about 105 mm. Some say it is the estimated size of a cd.

Are 140mm Fans Better Than 120mm?

Yes. This is because of their wider coverage area and their ability to move more air volumes than the 120mm fans at average speeds. The 120mm fan will, however, move at a much accelerated pace to move the similar amount of air moved by the 140mm fan generating noise.

The difference is, however, not that visible since the two are closely equal in measurements; thus, the effect each generates differs from the other on a very slight scale. However, the 140 mm fan would be much better installation than the 120 mm fan.


Gaming pcs often generate a lot of heat and thus to disperse this heat, you will require some of the best pc cooling fans in the market. These fans should have all the best features which allow for excellent cooling while being cost-effective and affordable for many people. Thus, some of the best cooling fans for gaming pcs worth considering when planning to buy new sets are the ones mentioned above.