When you are looking for a less costly means of cooling your house, you can go for the oscillating fans. Because of their rotation, they can move the air inside your home, giving you a relaxed environment. The oscillating fans can have up to 3 speeds setting that you can use to decide how to cool your house. Getting the best cooling oscillating fan will also help you save much energy costs and electricity bills, and that is why we would like to introduce the top 6 best cooling oscillating fan reviews for you. 

Best Cooling Oscillating Fans At A Glance:

      1. Holmes Small Osciallating Table Fans 
      2. Dr. Prepare Portable Desk Tower Fan 
      3. AmazonBasics Standing Oscillating Pedestal Fan 
      4. PELONIS Quiet Cooling Tower Fan 
      5. KopBeau Portable Tower Fan with Remote Control  

Followings are the top-rated cooling oscillating fans details and why they are made to our list!

Best Recommend 3 Oscillating Cooling Fans:

Are Oscillating Fans Better?

The oscillating fans are better and can give you the room environment temperature that you like. The oscillating fans are better because they are portable. This is to mean you can be able to choose where to place the fan or carry around. They provide better cooling as they can move the air around, giving your room a calm environment. You can easily adjust the oscillating fans making it better for your house if you have the high and low ceiling rooms.

Does Oscillating Fan Cool Room?

Yes, oscillating fans cool the room. When you have installed the fan in your house, it can move air around, making the room cold while rotating. The oscillating fans can change the way of rotation, making it perfect for cooling rooms. You can make it rotate in a certain way to get the warm air out during summer or change rotation to get a heated room during winter.

How Do You Clean an Oscillating Fan?

When you have installed a fan, you have to clean it to avoid accumulating dust. It should be cleaned once or twice every week. Cleaning can be done by:

Unplug the fan from the power sources.

Switch off the fan and unplug to avoid accidents that might be caused by water and electricity.

Vacuum the grill.

Dirt usually accumulates hear. You can attach a vacuum cleaner hose to the grill to pick up the dust that has over time accumulated in the fan.

Compressed air.

You have to spray compressed air to the blades; this will remove the dirt that has accumulated overtime on the blade.


Look for a soft microfiber cloth and wipe the grill of the fan, the blades and the base.

Types of Oscillating Fan Available in Market

There are different types of oscillating fans that include:

Ceiling fans 

This type of fan is usually hanged from the building ceiling. It can be mounted on a rod or a cable to hold it in place out of reach of your head. It can rotate clockwise or anticlockwise, depending on the set command that you give. The ceiling fans can be either the AC motor fan or the DC motor fan. Most ceiling fans are integrated with a LED light source that you can use in your house.

Tower fans 

Cooling tower fans are common and are very portable that you can move from one room to another. It has a cylindrical base that holds its motor and the blades.

They are designed so that they can move the air from the cylindrical base upward or downwards quickly.

Pedestal fan

It looks like the tower fan. It, however, not designed to look attractive a bit. The stand that this fan comes with is adjustable and supported by a sturdy round base. You can adjust the height of the fan as you wish and the direction of the flow of air to suit your optimum conditions.
It is very light and sturdy. The fan’s power consumption rate is at 50-55 watts when at high speed.

Window fan

It is designed to be placed on the kitchen, bathroom, or door frames in the wall.

It is used to cool a room by drawing to cool air inside and exhausting the warm air outside. Most are designed to have one big fan and two small ones placed on sides of the fans.

The advanced windows fans come with automatic reversible features that make the fan work simultaneously in intake and exhaustion. It doesn’t need additional space to be able to fix the fan. On its high speed, the fan can consume 40-45 watts making it energy saving.

Bladeless fan

It is an idea of Toshiba Company to develop such a fan. The fan works like the vacuum cleaner works. Air is sucked through the base of the fan before it is released to the surrounding.

These fans are costly, less noisy, and perfect for modern homes. The fan consumes around 50-60 watts at high speed, making it ideal for your home.

Desk/ table fan.

This a small fan that can be used by a single person, It can be placed on a table on a sunny day, and you can work easily. It is designed with an advanced cooling system that will enable it to work perfectly on your desk. The fan consumes around 80 watts at high speed. It is adjustable that you can set it to any angle that you like for cooling.

Things You Have to Consider Buying Oscillating Fan 

The oscillating fans are the “to go” solutions when you need a quick cooling solution in your house. These fans are cheaper compared to other air conditioning units. They are easy to mount, and you can even do it alone if you have a little knowledge of how to install them. The new fans have been improved to make them attractive and effective when working in a room. When you go to a shop to buy ar you are ordering this are the things you should know:

Size of the room

When you need a cool room, you need to know the amount of air required in cubic feet per minute. After measuring the size of the room and the necessary amount of air, you can purchase a fan that will be able to suck in the required amount of air. If you buy a fan without considering this, you may get a fan that may be ineffective and will not make your room cool or get a big fan that will make the room colder than it should be.

Height of the ceiling

It is essential to measure how low or high your ceiling is. This will enable you to install the right fan in your house. If you have a low ceiling house, you will have to install a little fan. If the house has a high ceiling, the fan will have to be hanged on a rod or a cable to be effective. It is essential to know the height to avoid installing a fan that may cause head injuries to taller people.


In measuring the efficiency of a fan, you will have to have known the CFM needed for your house. You will choose a fan with the ability to provide the required CFM or one with a slight big capacity. Efficiency can also be measure with the energy consumption rate of the fan.


After finding the right choice of the oscillating fan, you need to do your research. Different stores and platforms sell them; differently you can save some money on purchasing.


The fan you purchase must have a warranty. This will enable you to claim a new product in case of mechanical damage to the fan that you did not cause. Warranty will protect you from spending more, especially for damage you did not cause.

Style and design.

You have to select a fan the will blend with your interior. Having a fan is more than just bringing the cooling effect to your home. It is an artifact that adds beauty to your home always.


Most fans are fitted with some components to add beauty and to be used. The fans are equipped with LED lights bulbs that you can use as a source of light.

These are the common thing you should always consider to have to get an effective fan and the fan that will go with your style.

The Review of Some of the Best Oscillating Fans

Holmes Small Osciallating Table Fans 

oscillating quiet cooling fan

This fan has two powerful speed settings. You can use the low-speed settings to get a cooler space, or if it is extremely hot, the high-speed setting will be used to give you a more comfortable room. The blades rotate, and this is to ensure it disperses the air effectively to cover a wide space. The head is adjustable that you can tilt as you wish if you want the air to flow in the direction you want.

It is very portable that you can carry around as you wish. It is easy to clean as the grill that protects the blades is removable. The fan consumes 120 volts making it is perfect for small rooms that measure 155 sq ft.


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Dr. Prepare Portable Desk Tower Fan 

best cooling oscillating fan

Dr. prepare fan has two fans that work simultaneously to maximize airflow in a room. It has three-speed settings (low-medium-high) that you can use to achieve optimum cooling in your room. Rotation of the fan is 110 degrees horizontally, which makes it sweep more area in a room for optimum cooling effect.

It comes with a timer option that you can set the fan to run for some time to achieve perfect cooling. The noise from this fan is very minimal even when the fan is at high speed, making it perfect for your room and when sleeping. The power consumption of the fan is 16 watts, which makes it energy saving fan and effective.


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AmazonBasics Standing Oscillating Pedestal Fan 

best cooling oscillating fan

The pedestal fan has two blades oscillating for maximum air movement in the room. The fans stand adjustable, and you can change the height o the fan as you wish. It has an automatic rotation feature that when it is plugged in and switched on. With its three-speed settings (high, medium, Low), you can change the airflow in the room as you wish. It has three modes that are nature, sleep, normal, that you can comfortably use the fan while sleeping or doing other activities.

Additionally, it consumes 55 watts of power every time it is operational. It also has a remote control and a timer that you can control the time it is functional.


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PELONIS Quiet Cooling Tower Fan 

best cooling oscillating fan

This fan has three operational settings that are strong, natural, and sleep mode. With these settings, you can set how you prefer to have the airflow in the room. During the hot summer days, you can use the strong mode to achieve a cool rood as the airflow will be fast. The sleeping mode is perfect for when you are about to retire to bed.

It has an LED screen on the front that shows the speed and time the fan is running. The LED screen light goes off after 30 seconds of inactivity hence not disturbing at night. The remote control is used to set it. You can have control of it while anywhere in the room.


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KopBeau Portable Tower Fan with Remote Control  

oscillating cooling fan

It has three airflow modes that are the normal, sleep, and neutral, and the operating fan can run with three-speed settings that are Low, Medium, and High, which enables you to meet all your cooling needs. The fan is adjustable, and you can change the height between 36 inches and 42 inches. The fan can be used in any room in the house, either the bedroom, kitchen, and living room.

The remote control is used to control it, and it is user-friendly, the blades are protected with some grills to prevent children from inserting a finger in. Its base is heavy to support it and prevent it from falling while it is operational.


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Lasko T42951 Wind Curve Oscillating Tower Fan

oscillating cooling fan

The Lasko fan has the three speeds setting that you can use to control the flow of air in the room. It is super silent that when it is operational, you can still listen to your television entirely. Its timer is used to set the running time between half an hour and seven hours.

It is 43 inches high, and the support feature is 13 x 13 inches that do not occupy a lot of space. This feature makes it perfect to fit anywhere in the room and provide perfect cool, comfortable space for you to relax.

With the many oscillating fans listed, you have to choose the one that will match your needs. They are unique on their own, but you will have to go with style and design that you like.


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