There are many external cooling fans in the market today, so before you choose to invest in, you have to make an informed decision. First, you have to figure out the size of the fan that you want and how many your PC can accommodate. There is also a quiet and noisy one. If you don’t mind spending a little more cash, you can get a silent fan or buy those with RGB lighting. Below is a review of the best external cooling fan, we have talked about why you need then if they work and even what to consider when choosing them. We have also reviewed some of the external cooling fans to make an informed decision. Choose one that is best for you.

What Is the Best External Cooling Fan For PC on the Market?

Picking From Top 5 Best External Cooling Fan For PC Comparison Chart

Can I Use an External Fan to Cool My PC?

Yes, you can use an external fan to cool your PC. Cooling your computer needs air circulation which does not rely on a particular type of fan, as long as the fan can produce enough airflow, it can be used to cool off your PC. You can even use both internal and external fans depending on how much heat your computer produces. Several things determine the amount of heat produced; overheating can be caused by things like inefficient hardware design and even a small case. That is, some people use external fans for better venting and air intake. Just place a small fan, according to your PC’s size near its vents, and you will be sure to keep the temperatures low.

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How to Select the Best External Cooling Fan For PC

There are many brands of cooling fans in the market, and choosing one of them can be a tough decision. Making the wrong decision may not only be a financial risk but also buying the faulty fan for your PC can even destroy it more, forcing you even to buy a new PC. Below are some of the things that you should consider before selecting the best external cooling fan for PC.


One of the most important things about buying a PC fan is ensuring that it is portable. It should be adaptable enough to enable you to work comfortably; in short, it should be ergonomically sufficient for maximum comfort. It should support your PC size and have various positions to use and different angles.


The primary function of a cooling fan is to the optimal temperature of your PC. A great fan should be efficient in that it should be fast and powerful to reduce the PC’s inner heat. Consider choosing a fan with multiple fans so that you can get quality airflow. Cooling fans have different airflow types, so consider the amount of airflow best for you. Additionally, look at the materials used to make the fan, go for materials that will last long.


Connecting a cooling fan to your PC can limit your number of ports, which makes it inextensible. However, some fans can join other USB devices to the pin or directly to the fan. Choosing a PC fan that meets the above criteria may be an added advantage, although they cost a little more than the others.


It is also essential to choose a PC fan that is affordable to you according to your budget. Some very many manufacturers sell cooling fans at very affordable prices. Just find one that best suits you and at a very affordable price.

With all this in mind, we believe that you have all the necessary information to choose the right cooling fan for your PC. You can now make an informed decision and make a significant investment.

Do External Cooling Fans Work?

Yes, an external cooling fan does work. They are relied upon to help keep your machine from overheating. Processor and small case fans help reduce your computer’s heat while remaining obstructive so that you can continue using your computer with no problem. If you leave your computer to overheat, they may end up suffering permanent damage. To solve that problem, you can get an external fan so that it can help lower the temperature level, which will help the computer work effectively. If you are using external fans for your laptop, then ensure you find one that will act as a pad because most of the laptops have their vents at the bottom.

External Cooling Fan for PC Reviews

Below are the top five best cooling fans for pc:

#1. Best For Computer – ELUTENG Dual 120mm USB Fan with 3 Speed Controller

external cooling fanThe ELUTENG cooling fan is an excellent 2 in 1 fan with a compact design that is designed to perfectly cool your audio-visual equipment, with the 3-speed controller, you can set the fans to speed to the airflow and noise level that you want for your different electronics and according to the varying noise environments. With just a USB port, you can power this fan anywhere and anytime, making it very convenient.

What’s more, it features dual-bearings with a long life span than help with the placement of the fans. With the black metal grill, you are sure not to hurt yourself just if you accidentally put your fingers on the blades. Even though it has two fans, they both connect to one USB port and can work at the same time. With the three-speed controller, you can adjust the airflow and noise. The lowest sound you can get is 27Db with a maximum airflow of 56CFM.


  • 2 in 1 USB fan
  • Light and compact design
  • Wear-resistant, not easy to break
  • Quality dual-bearings with long life-span
  • Black metal grill to protect your hands and cables

Reasons to buy:

  1. Perfect cooling for different electronics
  2. Used at anyplace with a USB


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#2. Best Quiet – AC Infinity MULTI FAN S5 PC Cooling Fan

external cooling fan for pc

The AC infinity S5 is a double fan for cooling your PC. A 2.5 feet cord connects the two fans, and they both share a speed controller. Each of them has a USB port; up to four fans can be put together to share the same source of power.

The fan is ROHS and CE certified and has premium dual-ball bearings. The bearings enable the fan to either be mounted horizontally or straight. The multi-speed controller has a power switch so that you can set the fan’s speed to the optimal airflow and noise level that you want.

What’s great is that you can use this cooling fan for cooling other kinds of electronics. It is designed to maximize airflow to a DBA noise ratio, and with the dual-ball bearings, you can set it upright or flat. The silicone rubber feet are meant to absorb noise and vibrations. Detach the unused parts so that it reduces in height if using it in an uptight space.


  • Ultra-quiet design
  • USB powered only
  • Multi-speed controller
  • Long life-span Dual-bearings
  • Upright or flat bearings placement
  • Convenient speed and noise adjustment

Reasons to buy:

  1. Light enough to carry around
  2. UL-certified and usable with several other electronics


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#3. Best USB Fan – AC Infinity MULTIFAN S7 Computer Cabinet Cooling

thermaltake mobile fan ii external usb cooling fan

The AC infinity ultra-silent fans can be put in a flat or upright position and cool your PC. It features a power switch with a multi-speed controller, a 6-foot power cord, and eight large per fan anti-vibration rubber feet. With the USB on your computer, just plug it in, and you are good to go. The fan has a multi-speed controller with a power switch to ensure you get the optimal speed that you want, for different environmental conditions and at no noise.

The best thing is, it does cool not only your PC but also cools your amplifiers, computers, DVRs, and other electronics. What makes it quiet is that it can maximize airflow to a noise DBA ratio. The silicone rubber feet also absorbs surface friction and noise that may be caused by friction. If you are using it in a very tight place, you can detach the pieces that are not being used to reduce height.


  • Multi-speed controller
  • UL-certified and very quiet
  • Compatible with Turbo adapter
  • Can be used to cool various electronics
  • Dual-ball bearings to be laid upright or flat

Reasons to buy:

  1. Can also cool other electronics apart from the PC
  2. Portable enough to carry around


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#4. Best For Laptop – Thermaltake Mobile Fan II Adjustable Speed External USB Cooling Fan

thermaltake mobile fan ii external usb cooling fan

The Thermaltake external cooling fan is a convenient mobile user friendly, and it gives you great cooling solutions while only being powered by a USB. It features a cable box that retracts the USB cable. It measures 120mm and has an airflow speed of 66 cubic feet per minute, which is enough to prevent sweating. With the retractable USB cable, the packaging is simple as you just remove it, and you are good to go.

Another thing, there is also no need to carry extra adapters as the fan only uses power from the USB. The fan features a VR knob that allows you to manually adjust the fan’s speed depending on your preferences and needs. With plastic blades, the fan is very light and works very silently too. If you accidentally put your fingers on the blades while on, you won’t get hurt as the sped is relatively high enough to cool your computer.


  • 0.6 mm slim USB cable
  • Excellent for PCs and notebooks
  • Direct plug-in USB power source
  • VR knob for manually adjusting the speed
  • Tt badge fan grille to prevent accidental fan contact

Reasons to buy:

  1. No additional power adapters are needed.
  2. Safety feature preventing you from touching it.


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#5. Best Portable – Havit HV-F2056 15.6″-17″ Laptop Cooler Cooling Pad

computer external cooling fan

With a lightweight design and thin body, the Havit laptop cooler can be carried with you wherever you go and can cool your laptop wherever and whenever. All this is because your computer needs to be protected better and at optimal cooling conditions. The LED indicator light near the power switch is a helpful indicator showing that it is working alright, especially during the night. It also features dual shield holders at its back; they give you two height levels to get better typing and viewing experience while avoiding neck and back pain at the same time.

Furthermore, its ergonomic design is excellent because it means you and your laptop get a better gaming and typing environment, ensuring you work faster. With the detachable USB cable design, just plug it into your laptops USB ports, and you are good to go. The cable is removable so that only if it wears off; you can get the cable alone instead of buying the whole cooling pad.


  • Ergonomic stand
  • Adjustable height
  • Noise-free design
  • Slim, lightweight and portable design
  • Power switch design w/extra USB port
  • Stable, wear-resistant laptop carrying surface

Reasons to buy:

  1. They are very silent fans.
  2. Light enough to carry around


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External Cooling Fan Vs. Internal Cooling Fan

Your PC generates a lot of heat as it runs; that can be very bad and even kill components inside your enclosed computer. The internal fans help dissolve this heat, but sometimes they may not be enough, or they may fail. External cooling fans come in handy; they help keep the air moving so that the temperature is at a safe level. Every component inside your PC produces heat from the hard drives to the CPU. All these heat can be hazardous and damaging to your delicate PC internal parts, ensuring your fan works is essential.

So, when it comes to choosing between internal and external fans, we can all agree that both are very important for the better functioning of your PC. If the internal fan fails or does not function properly anymore, the external fan can work effectively.

Can I Use an External Fan to Cool My Laptop?

pc gaming fans

You can use an external fan to cool your laptop; they help reduce the device’s temperature because high temperatures can be unsafe for the laptop’s hardware. Even though laptops have a built-in cooling fan, they can fail to work, if that happens to you, get a cooling pad. Cooling fans are vital because laptops have minimal cooling space. External fans help reduce the temperature without having to alter or modify your computer in any way. On a hot day, laptops can also overheat as they also accumulate hot air around them. External cooling fans can either reduce the temperature or blow away the warm air.

Why Do You Need an External Cooling Fan For PC?

Your PC does not overheat from too high temperatures; your system has internal fans that help circulate air. A heat sink is found on top of your CPU so that they can help heat move away from the processors, and the work of the fans is to keep the unit fresh. Even though you have all these cooling effects, the PC’s temperature can remain high; this is where the external cooling fans come in handy. You need an external cooling fan for your PC because they help draw the hot air out of your system. You can screw them onto the outside of your PC near the vent, and you are good to go. They only need a USB port to operate, which is quite convenient.


With the above information, we believe that you have all the information you need to make the right cooling fan’s right investment. If your PC is overheating, solve the problem immediately because failure to do so can result in permanent damage to your computer. If that happens, it means you have to get a new computer. Avoid all this by getting yourself an external cooling fan.

Top Rated 3 Best External Cooling Fan For PC