You will always need the fan to help circulate fresh air, the best gable mounted attic fans, however, make it easier to achieve. To help you find the best one on the market, we offer the top 10 best gable mounted attic fans reviews and buying guides to help. 

What Is A Gable Attic Ventilation Fan?

A gable attic fan is a fan connected to the boom hole that draws air in or pushes it out, preventing it from falling. Using a fan gives you the benefits of a complete ventilation system without additional configuration.

Best Gable Mounted Attic Fans At A Glance:

      1. Best Gable Mounted Attic Fans – Cool Attic Ventilator Gable Mounted Attic Fans
      2. Gable Vent Fan – Iliving Variable Shutter Attic Fans
      3. Gable Attic Fan – iPower Shutter Exhaust Attic Fans
      4. Iliving ILG8G14-12T Ventilator Fan
      5. Air Vent Gable Ventilator Attic Fan

The followings are the top-rated gable attic ventilation fans details and why they are made to our list!

What Are The Benefits of a Gable Attic Fan?

They are excellent because they are almost maintenance-free, inexpensive to install and reduce heating and cooling costs. If you have the resources to install multiple vents to create a working ventilation system, you will get the most out of your vents. If you don’t want to do that, you might consider buying a ventilation device to work in conjunction with the gable attic fan.

Best Recommend Gable Mounted Attic Fans

Are Solar Attic Fans Worth the Money?

Yes, solar attic fans worth the money. You can turn your commitment into a high-profit investment for 20 years. I also think this investment is excellent now because it will soon be commonplace for everyone. Why Because the most popular solar attic fans become less, you will pay the return on investment. You can lock 15% now. Five years from now, when everyone does this, you may be lucky to receive 5%. The energy of the sun is enormous. Solar energy is the best form of energy available to homeowners when considering the future of our planet.

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Do Attic Fans Save Energy?

Solar attic fans provide a more cost-effective alternative to traditional attic fans. Many families use classic fans to protect their homes from overheating. This type of fan has proven effective in preventing hot air from being trapped in the attic. However, leaving the fans on for hours can have an impact on your pockets.

Sure, rising energy costs can cause you to remove plugs from typical conventional fans. But with solar-powered attic fans, you don’t need to worry about your bills. Taking advantage of the sun’s energy will allow you to enjoy the functions of traditional fans without increasing the costs of running your attic fans. Your attic cooling system will be free if you use these types of attic fans.

Do Attic Fans Help?

There are two main reasons for using an attic fan. Summer heat can build up in the attic and keep your home warm, resulting in higher heating costs. Moisture produced in the home can accumulate in the attic and damage building materials if not adequately ventilated. With the attic fan, you can vent this excess heat and moisture, reduce cooling costs, and reduce attic repairs and maintenance.

Is Solar Or Electric Attic Fan Better?

The solar attic fan costs more than the electric attic fan. But installing the electric fan and wires closes the gap. The fan does not need cables or electricity. Natural sunlight is used as fuel. The great benefit of a solar fan is that it eliminates the risk of fire caused by the circuit. The attic fan must be connected by an electrician, which means electricity and inspection permits. This will cost you time and money. The solar fan is easily installed without any permission. Many people do it yourself, install it by themselves.

How To Install a Gable Attic Fan?

  1. Know the size of the shutter hole
  2. Make the shutter and the opening ready to hold the fan
  3. Measure and then cut the gable attic fan hole
  4. Install the shutter on a plywood
  5. Mount the fan and do all the wiring

How To Pick The Best Attic Fan for Your Gable Vent?

CFM Rating

When buying an attic fan, look at the CFM rating. CFM is the amount of air that is stirred in sixty seconds. Most manufacturers will provide you with the maximum attic size for your fan model.

Carbon monoxide hazards

If you have natural gas burners, such as a gas water furnace, and you don’t have enough attic ventilation for free air. The attic fan can suck in indoor air from home. If this negative air pressure environment causes gas burners to malfunction, this is known as a backdraft. The reverse current is when the device emits smoke at home rather than outdoors.

Ventilation requirements

Gable fans will be rated for a certain amount of free space ventilation. This indicates the amount of ventilation area independent of the gable opening where the fan is installed.


The opening of the boom mouth must be large enough for the attic fan to consume the hot air from the attic. But there must also be enough additional ventilation elsewhere for the gable attic fan to draw in the fresh air.

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Top 10 Best Gable Mounted Attic Fans Reviews.

1. Best Gable Mounted Attic Fans – Cool Attic Ventilator Gable Mounted Attic Fans

attic gable fan


To make your interior house increasingly comfortable during the long, sweltering stretches of summer, you can depend on attic ventilation. This Cool Attic Ventilator is capable of pushing the trapped air outside. Giving 1300 CFM at 2.6 Amps, this unit is to be sure of a financial answer for heat evacuation. Even though it isn’t that much convincing, yet comes with a higher venting limit of 600 square feet.


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2. Gable Vent Fan – Iliving Variable Shutter Attic Fans


quietcool gable fan

When you lean toward on a wall-mounted ventilator, then this Iliving Variable Shutter would be a great alternative. These shutters from Iliving can withstand all types of weather and conditions. Due to its aluminum body, this shutter is long-lasting and good for a place that emits hot air with moisture. It runs with 120 volts, thus making it run at 1610 rotations in just one minute. Though it is small, it is one of the most effective shutters that you will find in town.


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3. Gable Attic Fan – iPower Shutter Exhaust Attic Fans


gable attic fan installation

This iPower Shutter Exhaust ventilator fan works at 940CFM with a 120 Volts, 60W power. It is made from aluminum rustproof shutters, thus avoiding all types of corrosions that may affect the working of your fan. If you have a greenhouse, a chicken coop, or even a garage, this fan will work well for you. The easy to use that if you have a rooftop window, you can fix it there, thus optimizing your airflow. With this 12-inch exhaust fan, you are sure that your house or building is well cooled.


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4. Iliving ILG8G14-12T Ventilator Fan


solar gable attic fan

This Iliving ILG8G14-12T attic fan comes with all that you have to remove the warm attic air. Alongside this ventilator from Iliving, it offers you comfort through preventing conceivable house deterioration by sweltering weather. It provides 1220 CFM like the previous one, yet it requires more power to work.

Also, 1/8 HP with 210W is a somewhat high power prerequisite, yet it gives diminished power consumption that makes it the best electric attic fan. Having a built-in steel propeller, it prompts consistent air circulation. Including a specific strategy, the propeller of 14″ diameter is capable of expanding the conceivable wind current through the attic.


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5. Air Vent Gable Ventilator Attic Fan


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You can pull-in maximum air to the whole house with the air vent gable fan. The 14-inch diameter blades are large enough to push out air from the attic and draw in refreshing air into your home. It has a thermostat that can work at 1500 sq. Ft. max. It is easy to install, and it works at 1050 CFM powered 180W 3.2 amps power. Being so powerful, it can happen at 1500 sq. Ft. max, thus good for big industries and factories that need high heights.


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6. Broan 358-120-Volt-Powered Attic Fans


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The Broan 358-120-Volt-Powered Ventilator works using its 14-inch diameter to expel out hot and pull in cold air. This unit may fit the bill for government and local assessment refunds. Due to its well-constructed body, this fan can work at all levels of up to 1000 sq. Ft. If you need the most efficient ventilator that will work at 1400 CFM, the Broan 358 is the best. The good thing is, this ventilator is very easy to use.


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7. Broan 35316-120-Volt-Powered Attic Fans


gable exhaust fan

This is Broan 35316-120-Volt-Powered Ventilator is a standout amongst other gable mounted attic fans. The fan is made of top-notch development with a strong housing that is galvanized with steel to make it very durable. Being a 14-inch fan, this fan gives you a maximum air movement, thus making it good for places that need a high amount of cool air movement. If you are looking for an easy to use the fan, Broan 35316 is present.


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8. Air Vent Mount 53319 Ventilator Fans


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Air Vent Mount 53319 Ventilator functions as a ventilator for both your attic and your whole house. It can ventilate up to one thousand 500 square feet one after another. The fan is built with a large dimension, thus measuring 17.75″W x 7.25″L x 18.0″H. This ventilator has two separate paces: high and low. The fan is easy to use and does not require any joist slicing to mount the fan securely into your attic. It has its origin in the united states, making it one of the trusted brands in town.


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9. Broan 353-120-Volt-Powered Gable Attic Fans


quietcool gable fan

This Broan 353-120-Volt-Powered fan generates 120-volts of power at 1020 CFM to give your home a calming comfort. It pushes and draws in fresh air to control the temperature. There is no doubt this is the financial answer for cooling your home condition. It comes with a well-made 22-gage that is made with galvanized steel making it very strong and durable. If you are looking for the best 120-Volt-Powered ventilator, Broan 353 will give you that. This ventilator is made with a well-lubricated thermostat that can be adjusted easily.


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10. MaxxAir IF14UPS Exhaust Attic Fans


gable mount attic fan

This MaxxAir IF14UPS Exhaust ventilator comes with 2 OSHA-compliant components. It includes a fourteen-inch metal blade that permits air to stream most proficiently throughout your attic. The attic fan consists of a thermostat that is built into the fan to help you screen the temperature of your attic consistently. It is best applied in garages, greenhouses, and barns. For the best use, it comes with a one year warranty, meaning it is very durable.


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How Are Gable Attic Fans Different Than Other Types of Powered Ventilation?

Gable attic fans are different from installed attic ceiling fans in that you don’t have to cut a hole in the ceiling to fit the fan. In addition to the mounting site, the gabled attic fans work in the same way as ceiling fans.

Very similar to attic fans, most homes have bathroom exhaust fans that also help remove moisture and increase ventilation. Bathroom exhaust fans can also have thermostats and humidity sensors, and they even come with lights and heaters.


Gable Attic Ventilation differs in design from other attic ventilation in that they are designed with design in mind. Since they are away from home, they have a little personality to complete their jobs. Other types of ventilation openings are blurred under the eaves and suspended or above the ceiling. Gable Attic Ventilation is usually found on the exterior wall of the house, near the top of the roof, and you can choose the size you want your vent to be, as well as the shape.

The benefits are obtained not only by saving money but also by protecting the health and the home. If you do not know that mold and mildew occur in hot, humid environments such as attics, allowing these things to grow can lead to serious health problems, such as lung disease and severe allergies.

Mold can also cause wood rot, which can destroy the frame of your home and can be an expensive problem to fix. With all the craziness going on around the world, we are finding more ways to cut home energy costs. The great way to start is to install a solar fan in the attic in your home.