If your mini PC does not have a fan for cooling, you can still acquire one. The cooling fans for mini PCs have compact styles for convenient installation on the devices. They have different mounting modes, which are the horizontal or vertical installation modes, depending on the PC’s design. The mini PC cooling devices are essential since they prevent the devices from overheating if they are overused, or if the cooling case is not working well.

These types of fans are ideal for use in compact areas since their sizes do not take up significant storage spaces, to prevent cluttering the working table. So, keep your computer safe from overheating by acquiring a first mini PC cooling fan. Which are the best mini PC cooling fans?

In this article, we will review the top five best mini PC cooling fans and choose the perfect model for your PC.

What Is the Best Mini PC Cooling Fan on the Market?

Top 5 Best Mini PC Cooling Fans Comparison Chart

How to Choose Best Mini PC Cooling Fan?

mini cooling pc fans 

The size

The first thing you need to consider before buying the fan is the size of the PC, the standard sizes of the PC range from 40 to 80 mm fans. If you are not sure about the right size of a fan to buy or your PC, measure the installation point to gauge the perfect size to buy. You can also check on the fan’s manual to see the dimensions of the mini PCs they are compatible with.

The mounting style

Is the fan supposed to be mounted vertically or horizontally? This is another crucial factor you need to consider when buying the fan for your mini PC. The fans have varying mounting styles where some have the verticle mode, others have horizontal, and some may have both vertical and horizontal installation mode. Check your PC to see the kind of mounting it is compatible with to guide you in choosing the right fan to install on your device.

The style of the bearing

The bearings come in three different styles: rifle bearings, ball bearings, and maglev bearings. What is bearing?

A bearing is a round metal object situated between the fan’s spinning section and the fan’s standard frame. In most cases, the sound produced when the fan is working comes from the bearings when touched by the fan’s structure when rotating.

#The rifle bearing

This is the standard bearing style found in most PC fans. In most cases, this bearing style is found in fans that require horizontal mounting modes.


This is the most expensive bearing and the perfect for devices that are used most times. The bearing can adjust in high-speed to facilitate high airflow to keep the PC cool for a long time.

#Maglev bearing

This type of bearing may fit devices that are used often since they deliver excellent airflow to the device.

The operational sound

Considering you will be installing this fan close by, make sure it operates in a quiet mode for convenience when working. Check the level of sound the fan adjusts to in case you change the working speed of the fan. Note that most mini PC fans operate in low sounds of no more than 30 dB.

The working speed

The fan’s speed determines the amount of air that will pass through the vents to cool the PC. So, this means that the higher the device’s rate, the more airflow you will achieve, and the more relaxed and safer the PC will stay. Ensure that the fan has adjustable speed levels and the highest functioning speed to find if it will suit your needs.

The Best Mini PC Cooling Fans Reviews

1. Best Quiet – AC Infinity MULTI FAN S5 Quiet Dual 80 mm USB Fan 

small mini cooling fans


  • This mini fan has varying speed settings depending on the use of the computer
  • The fan does not produce loud annoying noises when functioning
  • It has two installation methods to choose from
  • The dual bearing on this fan is quite durable


  • The fan is not too quiet when you set it up in high operational speed

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If you need a compact fan for your small devices like laptops, computers, or even a play station, this model is the right choice. The small size of the fan fits perfectly in a wide variety of devices and gadgets.


Unlike other fans that produce loud and annoying noises when functioning, this model is quite low in tone for comfort and prevents distractions. Ul also certifies the fan as one of the quietest fans compatible with multiple devices.

Multiple speed control setting

How often do you use your computer? The more you use the computer, the more it heats up and vice versa. Thus, to suit all computer uses and user needs, this fan is designed with multiple speed controllers to ensure good airflow to prevent heat accumulation in the computer.

This makes it easy for one to set the right airflow to avoid the laptop from overheating. Note that the functioning sound may rise a bit if you set the fan to rotate at high speed.

Dual bearing

The fan can be installed in two methods depending on the design of your device. This means that you can either install it in horizontal and or vertical mode.


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2. Best Brushless – ENVISION 2-Pack 40 mm x 10mm DC 5V USB Cooling Fan

best small mini cooling fans


  • One pack comes with two fans to supply excellent airflow
  • The fan comes with a warranty for quality assurance
  • This fan operates at super high speed
  • It has dual bearing for reliable connection


  • This fan is a bit pricier than other models

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This is another mini cooling fan with dual bearings to fit various installation modes. This fan operates at low sounds of 26.26 dB to prevent disturbance when working.

Seven blades style

This fan has seven blades, each ideal for circulating air in the device. Note that although the fan may not produce high airflow, it is quite reliable to ensure there is enough cooling effect to the device.

High operational speed

This fan is perfect for devices that are occasionally used since it provides a constant airflow. The blades work at a top speed of up to 6000 RMP to provide excellent airflow. Note that the working rate on the fans is adjustable to fit various cooling needs.


The housing of the fan consists of black PBT material that is super durable, and for quality assurance, it comes with a 2-year warranty.


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3. Best Case Fan – Secure Quiet Mini Cooling Fan with 120 mm

best computer mini cooling fans


  • This fan has two pins for convenient connection to the devices
  • It comes with 90 days money refund warranty
  • The fan operates at a high-speed level
  • It has safety features to prevent damage or short circuit


  • This fan may not work for large devices since the airflow may not be enough for the devices.

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The fan connects to 12 volts power adaptor, making it easy and fast to connect to various sources. The fan is compatible with computers and other devices that are used regularly or for a long time.

High functioning speed

Although this fan features a compact style, its operational speed is quite reliable since you can adjust it up to 1600 RPM to ensure there is excellent airflow to cool the working device. Note that even if the fan is set to function at high speed, the working noise minimizes comfort and prevents disturbances.

Easy to connect

This fan features two connection pins with each measuring 2.54 inches that is compatible with most devices. It also has a safety connection feature that prevents the fan from burning in case you don’t connect it the right way on the device.

Durable bearing

The fan has a quality bearing that ensures the device supplies the perfect cooling effect to the device. The fan comes with a warranty that includes 90 days money refund in case of a defect or functioning failure.


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4. Best Portable – Havit HV-F2056 Laptop Cooling Pad

mini cooling fans


  • This fan has an extra USB port to connect to other devices using a USB
  • The fan is light in weight for portability
  • It has a stand that is adjustable in height.
  • The fan does not produce annoying noises when functioning.


  • This fan seems like it has cheap material constructions.

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Have you noticed your laptop is heating up after using it for a while? Well, this laptop fan is an excellent option to get. The fan features an ultra-slim design for convenient transportation when traveling with your laptop. This also makes it easy and comfortable to set up the fan on multiple working desks.

Special features

Ergonomic installation design

This stand features a double and ergonomic style for convenience when installing it to use. The height of the fan is also adjustable to ensure you set it up in the right position when using.

Ultra-quiet function sound

You can comfortably focus on your work while the fan is still running since it operates in quiet mode to prevent disturbance


This fan has a lightweight style for comfort when carrying around to use. It also has a compact form for easy slipping in the bag when taking to use it in various places.


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5. Best Efficiently – XFX Radeon RX 580 GTS XXX Edition Mini PC Cooling Fan

mini cooling fans


  • This fan has advanced working technology for excellent cooling
  • It is compatible with a wide range of devices like PC and laptops
  • It operates at a high function power output to deliver outstanding cooling results
  • The fan has quality materials that are shutter free


  • Perfect for PC only

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This is an advanced cooling device that is compatible with a wide range of accessories like laptops, desktops, and even fridges. The fan uses finfet 14 processing technology to improve its functioning and deliver excellent cooling results.

Features VRM and memory cooling design

This fan is designed with advanced VRM and memory cooling technology that reduces the heat of the functioning devices with up to 32 degrees C. The fan also functions at a low sound technology to ensure there is a pleasant working environment.

Liquid VR technology design

This fan has the liquid VR technology that delivers excellent, and uninterrupted virtual reality working space to keep the device fresh throughout.

Features XFX double dissipation

This cooling card has the XFX dual dissipation cooling technology that ensures the fan’s optimal performance by providing a robust cooling effect to the PC.


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Can a Fanless Mini PC Be Turned on All Day Long?

how to choose mini cooling fans

Whether you have a mini or large working device, having a fan is crucial to keep it fresh for as long as you want. However, it is still practical for mini PC to function for an entire day without a fan. But this sums up to the kind of activities you conduct with the computer.

If you are involved in light jobs like browsing on the internet, typing documents on excel or word processor, and so on, a fan may not be needed since there is less power usage. So, if the device efficiently dispenses the absorbed power, there may be a passive cooling effect.

Others factor may make the PC function without a fan include;

  • If the PC has new hardware and has low power Intel
  • If the PC is set in a way that automatically starts to go slow when it starts to overheat, it may be super safe to work without a fan.


These are the best and durable mini cooling fans to buy for your devices and gadgets. These fans are quite convenient since they feature compact sizes to save the working areas and storage spaces if you want to travel.

The fans also operate in low sounds to prevent disturbances when you set close to the working station. So, these are reliable and quality fans for small cooling needs at home or office devices.


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