The best rated solar attic fans will keep fresh air circulating around the house, and its solar-powered design is also economic and environmentally friendly.  Then what is the best rated solar attic fan? How to pick the ideal type for your house?

In this article, you will get all the solutions. There will be top 10 best rated solar attic fans reviews and buying guides for your demands. 

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What Is the Best Rated Solar Attic Fan on the Market?

Why Do You Need Solar Attic Fan?

Attics are an essential part of the home and therefore, must be kept clean and fresh as the warm and humid attic can heat the entire house. Therefore, attic ventilation is essential, and attic fans are beneficial for this. This reduces the heavy load on the home air conditioning system.

Fresh air circulation increases and steam from daily activities decreases significantly. Moisture trapped in the attic is extremely damaging not only for the attic but for the entire home. It leads to the accumulation of mold and bacteria that can hinder the freshness of the air. This can lead to respiratory disorders.

Therefore, attic ventilation is an important aspect to consider. Solar attic fans are the best solution for attic ventilation. These solar fans are fully solar-powered, providing worry and free maintenance in the attics. For you to keep fresh air circulating, these solar fans are available at There are many models of solar attic fans on display, and each has its unique features and benefits.

Are Solar Attic Fans Worth It?

Solar attic fans cost nothing to work. Due to high electricity bill rates, solar power is gaining popularity because it provides high-capacity ventilation at no electrical operating cost. They are more accessible to operate than conventional AC fans.

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Where Should a Solar Attic Fan Be Installed?

If you have essential apparatuses and jack of all trades abilities, installing a solar attic fan can be a simple 1-2 hour-long undertaking since there are no wires related to running the engine. The hard side is finding the best spot to mount the solar attic fan. You will likewise require a saw if you are installing in the rooftop. It is also essential to appropriately seal the fan to dodge water and air spills.

Can You Run An Attic Fan With the AC On?

Yes, you can use an attic fan with the AC on, but Solar powered attic fans is the best as it is adapted to all locations, surface types, and environments. Typically, more solar power will be generated if you are in a sunny area. Thanks to the solar attic dust fan layer, these fans can withstand any environment. Solar-powered attic fans fit into each attic to help reduce heat and lower your electric bill. Solar fans are ideal for anyone in any setting in the world due to their high efficiency, ecological capacity, and low electricity bills.

How a Solar Attic Fan Works?

solar attic fan motor replacement

An attic fan works by hauling warm, let some circulation into of the attic to take into account cooler air to get through the peak or soffit vents to decrease the air temperature in the attic. By lessening the air temperature in the attic, cooling requests in the remainder of the house can be reduced. Advocates of attic fans likewise guarantee that an increasingly moderate attic temperature can also expand the life of roofing materials, despite the fact that that is more earnestly to demonstrate and almost certain determined by the UV introduction of the rooftop.

A solar fueled attic fan does need the name suggests – these are attic fans with joined medium-sized solar boards. At the point when presented to daylight during the day, the committees will produce power to control the DC engine in the unit and turn the fan. Despite the fact that they just sudden spike in demand for Solar during the day, a few units can be associated with batteries to run at night.

Are Solar Attic Fans Effective?

There have been a few examinations on the viability of solar attic fans and does a great job of clarifying the exploration, which we have additionally abridged here. A survey done numerous years showed that attic fans cost more to work than they spare in vitality and that a house with ordinary ventilation and excellent roof protection does not require attic fans. In part, in light of this end, the fan producers turned out with solar-fueled forms, and follow-up explore was directed.

How Many Solar Attic Fans Do I Need?  – Important Measurements

Solar attic fans capacity to move air is estimated in cubic charge every moment and a decent dependable guideline that producer use is that 1,000 CFM can deal with a 1,600 square foot attic. So know that if your rooftop does not have satisfactory sun introduction, you may not produce enough capacity to run the fans.

Top 10 Best Rated Solar Attic Fans Reviews

1. GBGS Adjustable Polycrystalline Installation

solar attic fans pros and cons


When you need to keep the room cool without spending too much on electricity, GBGS Adjustable Polycrystalline is a perfect solar fan to give it a try. It is a powerful fan that provides excellent airflow thanks to the metal blade and robust motor. The fan is 100% solar powered. Therefore, never worry about electrification to operate in any case, in cold weather conditions.

Due to the high level of airflow, the GBGS Adjustable Polycrystalline fan is suitable for use in rooms up to 2,800 square feet. Fortunately, the fan comes with a 30-watt solar panel. This will keep it running every day to ensure efficient airflow. Solar energy can be balanced in various ways to improve sunlight. The fan has a thermal ON / OFF switch for easy control.


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2. ECO-WORTHY Solar Powered Ventilator


gable mount solar powered attic fan

ECO-WORTHY Solar Powered Ventilator is an excellent option for the attic fan offering the best cooling system. The fan features two soccer fields to provide a unique ventilation system. The fan is very durable, with an average life expectancy of 50,000 hours. Also, it is made of the highest quality materials.

Since it is not necessary to install the attic for installation, the fan accelerates set up in minutes. It has a broad 17-inch x 17-inch metal base. It is backed by a 3W solar panel to ensure stable operation. It also helps to reduce the electricity bill in the home.


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3. Solar Attic Roof Mount


rand solar powered attic fan

The Solar Attic Roof Mount Fan is a great solar fan that will lower your electric bill and lower the temperature of your house. The high-quality fan provides a ventilation limit of 1911 CFM, making it comfortable. Plus, it’s strong enough to cool spaces up to 2,720 square feet. The path to install the fan and solar energy is primitive because it comes with everything you need to prepare.

The 30-watt solar system keeps the fan running continuously. Depending on the condition of the sun, you can adjust the solar energy without direct sun exposure. The set also provides you with an 85-degree thermostat. The Solar Attic Roof Mount fan is made of high-quality materials for long-distance use.


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4. Iliving Smart Exhaust


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When you expect to buy a solar attic fan, you should check the power of the solar output. Iliving Smart Exhaust is the ideal choice for an attic fan with a robust solar panel to keep it running. The solar panel can capture sunlight from the morning tonight. From now on, you will save the electricity bill. The fan is robust and provides a first-class ventilation system of up to 537 CFM.

This will always preserve the environment as if it were correct in its form. The five-bladed fan provides high-quality airflow in all directions due to deflection. The way to install the fan is equally fast and challenging. It is distinguished by two different grades, namely meteorological wood and dark wood. Due to the powerful work of the fan, they serve for a long time, making it an ideal investment for all users.


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5. 40-Watt Solar Attic thermostat


solar attic fan with thermostat

Highlighting 40-watt solar panels, 40-Watt Solar Attic thermostat Fan is the perfect solar fan for your home. This is due to the way that solar energy will reduce household electricity. Also, the fan is easy to install and can be balanced on different edges. With up to 1550 CFM, the fan provides excellent airflow to keep the room cool.

It is convenient because it can serve rooms up to 2,800 square feet. Also, the fan is made of reliable quality 304 material. This makes 40-Watt Solar Attic thermostat a durable, rustproof fan that will work for a long time. Through active ventilation, the fan can dehumidify and develop lower temperatures for a cold room.


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6. Solar Attic Fan 36-watt


master flow solar attic fan

With a production power of 36 W, this solar energy is ideal for keeping the fan running continuously. The robust solar system features excellent flexibility that you can use at home, RV or bowl, among other things, to charge batteries and power fans. Solar Attic Fan 36-watt is IP65 waterproof, making it resistant to adverse weather conditions.

Plus, it even guarantees wind and wears resistant housings, therefore one you will never want to miss. The installation procedure is essential because it comes with the hardware you will need. Flexible solar panels are suitable for use in various off-grid applications consisting of 12 and 24-volt galleries. Despite the influential outlets, it is a nifty solar panel that fits your budget.


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7. GBGS Adjustable Polycrystalline


solar roof attic fan

With automatic shades, GBGS Adjustable Polycrystalline is a solid fan you never want to miss. Without expansion and quick assembly, it can quickly thank all the integrated parts and tools and come fully stacked.

It is 7 inches in size and, with an all-time lubricated engine, ensures quality management. The fan runs quietly, and with metal, blades provide an improved airflow of 242 cubic feet per second. The type of motor determines the efficiency and suitability of the fan.


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8. Broan 345SOWW Surface Powered Ventilator


natural light solar attic fan

The s345SOWW Surface Powered Ventilator is another product to investigate if you don’t want to have an elite, quality fan in the attic, parking lot, RV, and resort, to name a few. With 345SOWW Surface Powered Ventilator, one of the most trusted brands in a class not to be missed when looking at your options. The 25-year warranty fan is an excellent solution for homeowners who want to save money on electricity while maintaining ventilation.

You can save on the cost of cooling because your air conditioner doesn’t need to be as difficult to fill as it was before you installed the fan. Since it runs on solar energy, it is also eco-friendly. This unit works using the bio clean from the sun, making it a practical and comfortable solution for the environment. You don’t need to worry about adding pollution to the environment.


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9. GBGS Ventilation Waterproof


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The type of motor determines the efficiency and suitability of the fan. This is a powerful brushless DC motor fan, ensuring quiet activity and excellent airflow to keep the room cool. It can vent up to 1750 CFM. With a solar ventilation system, it helps cool the house and save electricity. Fortunately, the fan has a flexible solar panel for easy adjustment when needed. Including a system with thermal roots to ensure the motor doesn’t overheat too much to keep it safe.

At 77 degrees Fahrenheit, the engine will automatically start and stop when it reaches 65 degrees Fahrenheit. The fan features nylon fiber nylon blades, ensuring efficient airflow in all directions. Finally, the GBGS Ventilation Waterproof fan contains galvanized steel housing for long-distance use.


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10. Solar Powered Attic Fan


solar powered attic fan with thermostat

For medium to large rooms, this Solar Powered Attic Fan is an impressive 2,100 square foot solar fan. The attic solar fan has five metal blades, ensuring excellent airflow in all directions. It is made with the best quality materials to keep it durable and resistant to corrosion.

As all the basic fixers are remembered for the package, they are necessary and easy to install. Including 24W solar panels, the fan will always provide efficient airflow to keep the room fresh. It does not make much noise suitable for use in different areas. The fan is ideal for use in cold climates, thanks to the sudden thermostat.


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11. Natural Light Solar 36-watt


sunlight solar attic fan

Something we like about this Natural Light Solar 36-watt fan is its excellent inclusion area. It has 1,628 cubic feet that can hide 2,625 square feet of space. By choosing it, you can ensure that the large attic or car garage is kept fresh as this unit can effectively attract the tourist. You will feel more comfortable working in a garage or attic, for example. Additionally, this product is supplied with bronze powder that covers the addition process, adding to the smooth and smooth appearance of this unit.

More than that, I describe it for the quality of your business all the time, and still make it an excellent decision, for people who own an office. They can get a big chunk of the AC cost because their cooling doesn’t need to bend, especially in the summer. This smoke fan is effective in attracting tourists for better air conditioning efficiency.


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You can make several small changes that are not so expensive that they will significantly change the efficiency and overall comfort of your home. The attic solar fan is one of the most natural and most effective renewable energy investments you can make in your home.


Buying a Solar Attic Fan

Installing a home attic fan is essential if you want your home to be more energy-efficient. Many people want to install one but are immediately afraid before they start, even when they know they need to measure the size of their living space. Choosing the correct fan size to buy is essential, but it shouldn’t be as difficult as you think. Rather than looking at the house as a whole and trying to calculate a number, it is easier if you cut the house into smaller pieces.

What it will basically do is measure the living space in your home and then apply this number to a specific formula to get to the CFM rating you need to provide a fresh air exchange in your home every few minutes. Then you will also need to limit the size of the air required vents in your attic to ensure that when the fan is turned on, it is provided correctly.

solar attic fan side mount

The size

To calculate the size of each room separately, multiply the width, length, and height measurements you recorded earlier. Add the size of each room to match the size of the entire house. This number will eventually affect the amount of power you need in the fan.


First, you will carefully measure the length and width of one room at a time, as well as the height from floor to ceiling. While this includes smaller spaces such as bathrooms and hallways, it does not include cabinets or other areas where the door remains closed. When measuring a conventional or solar extractor, the proper measurements are vital.

Ventilation area

To determine the ventilation area in your attic, divide your CFM rating previously by 750. So if you are at 3000 CFM, your ventilation area will be 4. It is essential to realize that this number is the area network of ventilation and not the actual dimension of the unit. Thus, it not only represents the home attic fan but also for checking faults and nozzles.

Cubic feet per minute

To determine your CFM rating, you will divide the total size by three. This new number is one cubic foot per minute for your entire home. So if your overall size is 9,000 cubic feet, the fan you buy will need a rating of at least 3,000 CFM.

Gable Mounted Fans vs. Roof Mounted Fans

Gable Mounted fans works as a highly efficient ventilation system. The way the fan works is that scorching air collected near the ceiling is forced by the exhaust system. The openings through which this air passes may or may not be covered with the net, but when purchasing equipment for a fan used to ventilate the attic, it is highly recommended to use a profit covered hood as it prevents the entry of animals and waste.

On the other hand, roof-mounted fans include high and low ventilation options. With top openings, this indicates a section of the ventilation system that allows hot air to be carried out in the attic. For this, you will have a choice of hills or gable grooves. Regarding low openings, this part of the system design is really mandatory to return cold air from outside to the attic.

How Much Does it Typically Cost to Install These Types of Fans?

The cost of installing an attic fan installation is between $300 and $600. At most, you will use nearly $550, including labor. Apart from that, there are factors that affect the final cost. Some of them include the time of the year, energy, professionalism, and the availability of technology.

What is the Average Life Span of a Solar Powered Attic Fan?

The warranty gives the whole lifespan of a solar attic fan. If you read online reviews well, you will note that most attic fans come with a 25-year limited warranty which covers that whole unit.

Attic Fan vs. Full House Fan

A solar attic fan ought not to be confused with a whole house fan, which has an alternate use case. While an attic fan removes tourists from the attic through the rooftop, a whole house fan removes sight-seeing from the house through the attic and takes into account cooler air to come in through the windows. A full house fan is mounted in the attic floor with a metal barbecue in principle hallway in the house.

The full house fan is perfect for desert climates that have cold sleep and can be run at night to chill the house. They are perfect for homes that don’t utilize cooling by any stretch of the imagination.

Top 3 Best Rated Solar Attic Fans