From their top-level performance and efficiency to the reduced noise they produce, water cooling fans are all that you need today. These water cooling fans have proven to be capable of sustaining the cool temperature of your GPU for a relatively long time.

But beyond this, it will be vital to understand a few basics, including what they are and which water cooling fans are best. With these insights, making an invaluable and logical decision will hardly be a big issue in the long run.

What Is the Best Water Cooling Fan on the Market?

Top 5 Best Water Cooling Fans Comparison Chart of 2021

How to Pick the Best Water Cooling Fans System?

Various aspects go into the selection of the most suitable water cooling system for you. Some of the elements you will need to consider in this pursuit will entail the following.

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• Check the size of the radiator

You will often be sure of various sizes of radiators when selecting your water cooling fan, with bigger ones being more efficient. It will suffice to mention that this size usually determines how many fans can get included.

Ideally, you will need to choose from a single, dual, triple, and quad rad. For instance, a 120mm radiator can only accommodate one fan, with a 360mm heater taking up to three fans. The latter is likely to assure you of enhanced efficiency.

The length of the radiator will also matter a lot. In most cases, you will get them in 36mm, 48mm, 60mm, and 80mm. Ensure that you choose a length that will have the most significant impact on loop performance.

• The reservoir and the pump matter a lot

It will be best to be sure of how much water the reservoir can hold. Usually, a bigger tank implies that you will enjoy better levels of performance. It is for this reason that it will be vital to pick a reservoir that is easy to fill. While at it, ensure that the cooling system has a separate pump and tank, as this will help in bleeding the air accordingly.

• Tubing

Typically, the tubing in this cooling system will be the one to move the coolant across various parts. Unless it has a sturdy construction, a reliable flow will remain a mirage. Feel free to choose between soft and hard tubing, and ensure that the model is long-lasting.

• Cost

Nothing could be as imperative in this pursuit as the cost of the system. Most often, you will need to decide between a DIY and getting a pre-assembled option. While a DIY system might seem less costly, it could drain you in various ways. Besides, there are chances of making mistakes in the long run. In this regard, you will find pre-assembled cooling systems to be better.

Further, there will be a need for you to compare how different models cost. Such will be the time to focus on something that offers you the ultimate performance yet affordably. The maintenance cost needs to be relatively affordable too. Whether it is about topping off the fluid levels or servicing the unit, the price should be within reach.

The 5 Best Water Cooling Fans Reviews

1. CoolMaster MasterLiquid ML240L Water Cooling Fan

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You can hardly ignore the incredible reliability of this cooling system, thanks to its 3rd Generation dual-chamber pump technology. The dual-chamber comes in handy in improving the overall efficiency levels of the AIO cooler.

This product comes with a relatively large radiator, which enhances heat dissipation. Further to this, it is vital when it comes to optimizing the cooling performance of the system.

It also features the SickleFlow 120 RGB fan, which assures you of whisper-quiet performance. With this, you will be sure of less compromised pressure and airflow. There is also a wired RGB controller that helps you to customize light effects and colors.

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2. Corsair iCUE H100i RGB Pro XT Water Cooling Fan

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The impressive cold plate featured by this product is not worth resisting. It is not only thermally optimized but also designed to provide you with incredible clock speeds. Additionally, you will be sure of enhanced cooling performance, regardless of the CPU loads. As if that is not enough, you will fall in love with its magnetic levitation fans, which will assure you of better airflow.

This product features the zero RPM mode, which ensures that the fans can stop at extremely low temperatures. It is through this that you will be sure of very little fan noise in the long run.

The dynamic multi-zone RGB pump on this product will gladden you. With this, customizing light effects and colors will be much easier for you.


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3. Corsair Hydro Series H60 PWM Fan

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If you are looking for enhanced longevity, this is your ultimate choice. Thanks to the aluminum construction this item features, you will be sure of incredible durability. It also comes with an unparalleled cold plate and pump, which are thermally optimized. This way, you will be confident of getting a whisper-quiet cooling performance.

Did you know that it comes with a precise PWM control? This control ensures that you effortlessly adjust the fan speed between 600 and 1700 RPM. Nothing could have a more significant impact on the airflow and the fan noise than this.

Its pump head is LED illuminated, which assures you of both brilliance and brightness.


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4. ID-Cooling AURAFLOW X 240 CPU Water Cooler

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This product boasts of not only affordability but also incredible performance and lighting. Its 240mm radiator and RGB fan assure you of a relatively large surface area, which enhances heat dissipation and airflow. The multicolor RGB means that you will enjoy vivid lighting effects at all times.

This water cooler features a flexible tubing, which is relatively durable. Its elegant design is also vital when it comes to boosting heat dissipation.

It will suffice to mention that the item comes with RGB PWM fans, which ensure that there is hardly any noise produced in the long run. The whisper-quiet performance will, undoubtedly, give you the peace of mind you so need.


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5. CoolerMaster MasterLiquid ML360R Water Cooling Fan

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The advanced and robust construction that this product has will effortlessly get you smitten. Ideally, it comes with a glass fiber construction, which highlights polyphenylene sulfide too. This way, it assures you of enhanced resistance against various chemicals and moisture. While at it, its pump tends to be less susceptible to corrosion and oxidation.

The radiator featured by this item is worth appreciating, as it is not only large but also high-performing. Typically, it will assure you of a higher heat exchange efficiency and unparalleled cooling performance. You will also get smitten by its high flow rate too.

Further, it comes with FEP double tubing, which guarantees you of enhanced flexibility and durability. As if that is not enough, it has a sleeved shape, which makes its design look elegant.

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What Are Water Cooling Fans?

Water cooling fans are a cooling system that comes with a series of coolant-filled tubes, water blocks, and a radiator. All these components are vital in making sure that your computer remains refreshed at all times. Typically, these water cooling fans rely on liquid coolants to make sure that your PC stays within the right temperatures.


How Do Water Cooling Fans Work?

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The process of cooling your PC using these water cooling fans is relatively straightforward. Usually, the water will circulate from the engine to the radiator, tubes, the fins, and other exterior surface areas.

That implies that heat will move from the hot water into the heater, making it to cool off. On the other hand, the cold water will head back to the engine. Remember, at the same time, a fan will be moving air outside this radiator.


Is Water Cooling Better Than Air Fans?

There is no denying that water cooling is becoming relatively popular. However, there is no one-dimensional insight to show that water cooling is much better than fans. Noteworthy to say, water cooling systems boast of a variety of benefits that you will find irresistible. Some of the advantages that this system has over fans will often include the following.

• Reliable liquid cooling setups will often allow you to cool specific components of your PC without too much hassle. Besides, the cooling process tends to be much more reliable than when using fans.
• Did you know that water cooling systems will often help in lowering the sound output of your PC? That water is much quieter than fans is no secret.
• Indeed, everyone looks forward to saving space whenever they are buying anything. Fortunately, that is what you get from water cooling systems, as this system not only takes lesser space but is also niftier to boot.

However, this water cooling fan system tends to be much less affordable when compared to fans. While this initial cost could be relatively high, you will be sure of the value of money in the long run.

Recommended Water Cooling Fans

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Should I Pick a Single-fan Water Cooling System?

Undoubtedly, different radiators will often need specific numbers of fans, with one being relatively common. Usually, a single fan will be suitable for a cooling system with a 120mm radiator. The radiator that can accommodate this fan should be about 30mm thick.

A single-fan system is ideal for less heavy usage, as it can only cool fewer components. Further to this, it will come in handy for those on a budget.


Cooler Fan with Fan Vs. Without Fan

Differences come between cooling fans with fans and those without them. Some of the top distinctions will often include the following.

• Efficiency

The inclusion of case fans in a cooling system is one of the inevitable things, as it enhances efficiency. It will suffice to mention that fans will often cool some of the parts that coolants will hardly reach. Remember, the CPU is not the only element that generates heat.

• Weight

If you are looking for lightweight options, it will be right to consider those without fans. The fact that you will have a cooling system plus a fan will end up increasing the weight of your PC.


Benefits of Air Cooler Without Water

While water cooling systems have proven to be not only high-performance but also reliable, air coolers are worth considering too. Thanks to the various benefits that they draw, you will be sure of the value for money. Here are the few advantages that you should keep in mind.

• Lightweight

There is no denying that air cooling tends to be much lighter. That means that this system will also take the least space in the long run.

• Requires no anti-freeze

Air coolers will often regulate themselves. It is for this reason that there will be no need for you to look for any anti-freeze.

• No tapping up of water

There will hardly be a need for you to worry about getting any coolant. The fans will be enough to keep your PC within the ideal temperature.

• Simple design

The simple design of this air cooler will often come in handy in the ease of installation.



In conclusion, you can hardly ignore the incredible performance that water cooling systems tend to provide. From the less noise it accentuates to the high performance it provides you with, this system is a darling you will not want to overlook. However, there is always a need to be careful with how you select a water cooler system. That is because it will make the difference between the value of money and disappointment. With the insights above, this will be much easier for you.