What Is the Best Way to Cool A Room without AC?

Many homes and business premises have AC systems to cool things down especially. However some places do not have AC fitted, so some people have to find other ways to get cool and stay that way, especially during summer. There are various solutions available. In this article, we are going to help you figure out the best way to cool a room without AC for you.

how to cool a room without ac

How to Cool Down A Room Naturally

Sometimes it is possible to cool down a room naturally without switching on an electric fan or using an AC unit. Rooms that have opening windows can be cooler naturally especially if there is a strong breeze early in the morning.

1. Open the Windows

It is better to open more than one window to allow cool air to circulate around the room. You may wish to use a screen that prevents insects flying in during the summer. Surprisingly rooms stay cooler if windows are closed before the afternoon.

2. Leave the Doors Open

If It is practical to do so leave doors open to let cooler air blow around the room in the early morning. Ground floor properties with either patio doors or French doors are more likely to able to have doors open to cool rooms cool. It is worth considering having netting hanging from the door to stop insects flying in. Once again it is best to close doors before the warmest part of the day.

3. Draw the Blinds

Drawing blinds or pulling curtains down to prevent strong sunlight getting into a room can also keep it cool naturally. Sunlight will heat up rooms, especially the areas nearest the window, or places where the light concentrates on.

4. Use Lights that Produce Less Heat

Now that you can not have an AC around, you will want to reduce unnecessary heat as much as possible. Therefore, another way to cool a room down is to use energy-efficient light bulbs as these produce a lot less heat.

How to Cool Down A Room with Fans

Think about the best place to put a fan or fans and the size of the fan needed to cool a room. A larger room often needs larger fans to cool down. Also the greater the total area needing to be cooled the higher the number of fans that should be used to cool everything down.

You may think that larger standing fans are the best option to provide the maximum amount of cooling. Depending on the total number of fans been used the room will be cooler if the fans are set to rotate instead of putting out cool air into only one direction.

Consider using fans when doors and windows are closed as this will allow cool air to circle round the room more efficiently.

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Why Not Just Buy An AC?

Some people may consider buying an ac system as it would almost certainly get rooms cooler. However, AC uses a great deal of power and during a heatwave when everyone uses one it can cause power cuts.

AC systems are expensive to install and use up a great deal of electricity. They can also take a while to be installed.

How Can I Keep My Room Cool in Summer?

Your room can be kept cool in a few different ways. If summer cooling fans are not available then have as many windows and doors open in the morning. When fans are used rooms are actually cooler if all windows and doors are shut. Pull down blinds and curtains to stop sunlight heating everything up.

Put ice in front of fans as this will spread cooler air around the room. It was quite used to keep rooms cool before the use of AC systems became widespread.

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Is It Unhealthy to Sleep with A Fan Blowing on You?

There is no evidence that it is unhealthy to sleep with a fan blowing on you. However it can cause people to wake up with dry mouths if the fan has been blowing at you all night. However it is best to use a fan to keep you cool enough to get some sleep. Therefore, many fans are designed with an auto-off function to ensure you a high-quality sleep.

However, if it is so warm that sleep would be impossible without a fan on, make sure that the fan is further away from you and not blowing at you all of the time.

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Do Fans Actually Cool A Room?

Fans actually cool a room down when used properly. To cool the entire room down it is best to have a fan rotating instead of just having it pointed in a single direction. Only have a fan cooling in one direction if there are a few fans in the room.

When a larger room needs to be cooled down consider using a larger fan that is capable of cooling the entire room, or use several fans. If your home has an old fashioned ceiling fan use it.

Fans if positioned well and used on a rotating basis can be highly effective in cooling a room even on the warmest summer days.

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It is possible to keep a room cool without using ac. Rooms can be cooled down in different ways, with or without the use of fans. If fans are not available then cool rooms down by opening doors and windows to get cool air moving around the room. Fans are really useful for keeping rooms cool, particularly if these are set to rotate instead of putting out cool air into only one direction. Use a larger fan for cooling the entire room, or use several fans. If your room has an old type ceiling fan then use it.

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