What Is The Best Way To Cool Room With Fan?

Fans can be ideal for cooling rooms especially when there is no air conditioning or not enough windows that fan be opened. It could be more accurate to describe the best way to cool room using fan as opposed to the best way, as different rooms may be cooled down in different ways. Fans can be more effective than air conditioning units in keeping rooms cools, and certainly more effective than leaving windows open (especially when there is no breeze). A well-positioned fan can keep rooms cool while one in a poor position will be less effective.

best way to cool a room with fans

Consider The Size Of The Room

Depending on the size of the room being cooled more than one fan may need to be switched on. Also, the size of the fan may have to be increased or decreased to suit the size and the area of the room itself. Then there are other things that can be altered that will allow a fan to make the room as cool as it possibly can be.

The starting point for finding the best way to use a fan to cool a room is to assess the size of that room. For example, a kid’s bedroom will need a small fan, while a large open plan office could need several standalone fans to cool down. A small desk fan should be fine keeping a small room cool yet inadequate for cooling down a larger room. However, if there is an intense heatwave when the weather is much hotter than average you might have to get a larger fan or more fans.

Adjust The Number Of Fans According To The Heat

Sometimes if the heat gets too much you might even consider placing several larger fans into a room. Part of the equation for deciding on the number and the size of fans is that people feel comfortable with different levels of heat or cold. That is why some offices have extra fans and heaters, so that staff can have extra coolness or hear depending on what season it is.

It Is In The Settings

After deciding on the number and the size of fans required to get a room to the coolest temperature it is time to consider the settings used for each fan. Generally, a fan will have 3-speed settings, and each setting creates a different amount of cool air. Switching your fan on to the third level will make it is the coolest setting, as the blades move faster to create cooler air. While that is the setting that makes a room cooler not everybody likes to have a fan on maximum speed, some do not like the extra noise the fan could make, and others do not like the fact that at the highest setting things will get blown around the room. Fortunately, there are quiet cooling fans that are less likely to disturb.

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Rotate To Spread The Coolness

Another method of getting extra coolness from a fan is to switch it to its rotating mode as that gets cold air circulating around the room. This method offers the advantage of cooling down the entire room, it shares the cold air evenly. The speed of the rotation increases when the fan is turned to a higher setting. Sometimes, it can be cooler to leave a fan in a fixed position, keeping the person, or people in front of it cooler. That may be the case in an office, when each desk could have a smaller fan, with a larger fan being used to keep a cluster of desks cooler.

Standalone fans are more cooling in larger rooms because the blades are larger, and the fan itself is higher. This means the cool air can circulate in the whole of the room sooner than if using a desk fan.

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Create a Breeze Or Cross Breeze

Whether at home or at work fans will make a room coolest when a breeze or cross breeze is created. This can be achieved in different ways. For instance by placing a fan at each end of the room, so that cool air is coming from both directions.

Alternatively, place a fan in each corner of the room and have the air come from four directions, which would make the center of the room the coolest part of it. Everybody in the room should attempt to be in the middle of the room if at all possible.

Put Some Ice In Front Of It

Do you want the coolness provided by an air conditioning unit without paying for one? We have a detailed guide on the best ways to cool a room without AC.

best way to cool a room with fan

These cooling tricks to make your fan get a room coolest is an old one, commonly used before air conditioning was developed. Put some ice in front of a fan and cover with a damp cloth. the fan will blow ice cold air around the room.

Originally this involved placing ice cubes in a tray. A modern variation is to freeze a 4-pint or 2-liter container and then place it in front of a fan while covered with a damp cloth. Using the bottle keeps the room icy cold for longer.

Go Industrial If You Are At Work

Some commercial and industrial rooms will use industrial size fans and these will keep workplaces cool even in the hottest of heatwaves. Such fans would be too large to fit in a house and would use a lot of energy, yet they would make a room really cool. Most people would not be able to fit an industrial can in their rooms.

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Keep The Fan Still

Sometimes keeping a fan fixed will keep one place cooler within a room if that is the main part of the room, which needs to be cool. For example, when leaving a fan on in a bedroom so that you can cool down enough to go to sleep. That will also work better in a narrow room, where there is little point in having the fan rotate. But please note that it is better not to sleep with a fan on all night.

Shut That Door And The Windows Too

Fans can be more effective in cooling a room when other things are changed. For instance, fans cool better and faster when all windows and doors in the room are shut. That would seem to run contrary to your instinct of leaving doors and windows as wide open as possible. So it is more cooling if the fan is on in a room when doors and windows are shut.

Depending on when you first go into the room it may be worth opening windows in the morning to let in the cool air before switching the fan on. For people that use air conditioning the same advice applies, doors and windows need to be closed to achieve maximum levels of coolness.

Summer Nights

Sometimes during the summer, it can be much cooler at night, so open your windows to let cooler air inside. Now you either leave a window open all night or just leave it open long enough to cool the room and have a fan on a low setting while you sleep. Just remember to shut windows as it begins to warm up outside, otherwise warm air will get in and start to heat the room up.

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Use The Other Fans In Your Home

People forget to use the other fans that are already in their rooms, namely the exhaust fans in the kitchen and the bathroom. These exhaust fans are most useful at cooling things down after the shower has been used, or while the oven is on. Cooking using the grill or hobs instead of the oven will mean the kitchen does not get so hot. Maybe consider eating salads followed up ice cream so that you do not have to cook at all.

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Change The Direction

When ceiling fans are fitted they tend to be set to turn in a clockwise direction. During the summer switch to having ceiling fans rotate in the counterclockwise direction, it makes the room notably cooler.

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Give Your Fan Some Assistance

Another way to assist a fan in keeping a room cooler is to use blinds and curtains to prevent strong sunlight from making the room hotter, especially during the warmest hours of the day. Direct sunlight can warm up a room quickly, and keep it not until the sun is facing another direction, or after sunset. Cut out the sunlight and switch on your fan, the room will be much cooler.

The best curtains or blinds for assisting fans in cooling down a room are blackout curtains, as these block out sunlight. If sunlight is unable to get into a room then a fan should be able to keep things cooler on a lower setting.

Have a Drink Or Ice Cream

When it is hot you should drink chilled drinks frequently, and eat more ice cream or sorbets, to cool yourself down from within.


Any fan if it is well positioned can make a room really cool. What can really make the difference is closing doors and windows, as well as keeping out the sunlight? If possible use the fans to create a breeze and use more than one fan if you have to. Use exhaust fans and ceiling fans if these are available. Do not forget the ageless trick of placing ice in front of a fan to create an icy breeze.

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