A house exhaust fan is a machine that draws air out of a building and throws it to the roof thus creating a negative pressure difference that results in cool air being forced into the building through the open windows. Follow our reviews on the best whole house exhaust fan and you can get the best pick!

Benefits of a Whole House Exhaust Fan 

  1. It is less complicated.
  2. The whole-house exhaust fan operates much faster and the user experiences a cooling effect within a few minutes compared to air conditioner units.
  3. It is also eco-friendly since it does not emit any substances.
  4. Operating an exhaust fan is cheaper since it cost between 10%-25% the amount used to run an air conditioner.
  5. It is energy-saving hence efficient and cheap to run.
  6. Installing a whole-house exhaust fan is easier because one does not require a technician or a professional hence you can do it by yourself with minimal assistance.
  7. The price of a whole house exhaust fan is much lower compared to that of air conditioners.

Do I Need a Whole House Exhaust Fan?

Yes, you need a whole house exhaust fan. Hot air or conditions are so uncomfortable to live in especially during hot climate, no one loves the much sweating hence this is the first reason why you need this machine to keep your house, garage or any other place cool. A whole-house exhaust fan can be used to substitute air conditioners that are more expensive and still experience cool moments in your house for most climates.

Review of the Best Whole House Exhaust Fan 

1. Iliving Speed Shutter Exhaust Fan

whole house exhaust fan ventilation

Iliving speed shutter exhaust fan is 18 inches in length and has automated shutters and a motor that is permanently lubricated. The machine is corrosion resistant and the shutters are covered with OSHA wire guards. It also comes with an Iliving ILG8SFSC speed controller thus the user can adjust according to his/her own comfort.

The product rotates at a maximum of 1060 revolutions per minute and moves air at the rate of 1750 cubic feet per minute thus can be installed in large rooms such as garages, hotels, offices, among others. This exhaust fan comes when fully assembled thus the user is only required to install the machine with minimal or no assistance.

The shutter fan varies in size from 10″, 12″, 18″ and many others. The 18 inches shutter exhaust fan has a variable speed design and a single-speed design while the 30″ and 36″ exhaust shutter fans only have a single-speed model. It runs with a power source of 120V.

The frame of this product is made with a galvanized steel material and the blades are made with aluminum hence Iliving speed exhaust fan is durable. The product is sold at a price of around 120 U.S. Dollars and the manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty.


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2. Air King Whole House Window Fan

whole house exhaust fan

This product is unique since it comes with a storm guard sliding panel that is designed to enable the window to close behind it when there is severe weather. Air king window fan is enclosed in a plastic housing that is impact resistant and is made with blades and grills that are powder coated.

The product has a front switch that regulates the speed of the blades. One can moderate the speed to high, medium or low that is 1600, 1450, and 1100 revolutions per minute respectively. It moves air at the rate of 3560 CFM when rotating at high speed, 3210 CFM at medium speed and 2510 CFM at low speed thus is versatile and can be used in different rooms of different sizes. The Air king window fan uses a 1-phase system.

Air king window fan motor is permanently lubricated and the blades are covered with OSHA wires. It is also ETL certified. This machine has dimensions of 26.75 inches by 11.25 inches by 26.25 inches and weighs 36.6 pounds. Air king window fan costs around 149 U.S. Dollars and the manufacturer gives a 1-year warranty.


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3. VES 24 inches Exhaust Fan

whole house bathroom exhaust fan

The exhaust fan is versatile and can be used to cool your garage, chicken houses, greenhouses or shops. VES exhaust fan operates by cooling air while at the same time removing stale and stuffy air. It can be mounted on an opening in the wall or fitted on a window opening and does not require a technician or a professional to install since it comes when fully assembled.

The shutter is made with corrosion-resistant aluminum material thus is durable. The product has a fully enclosed motor that is permanently lubricated and also has in-built speed switches and a 9′ cord. The aluminum shutter is fitted with a tie bar that minimizes shutter flapping and also ensures the shutters are closed when the fan is not operating.

The aluminum blades are secured by a painted grill that guarantees a long time usage. The product is also designed with a waterproof rubber gasket that protects the motor seal, the switch and the wiring connections and the blades have been set to reduce noise vibration and also extend their lifetime.

VES 24″ exhaust fan has three speeds which are high, medium, and low and operates on a voltage of 115V. The high-velocity fan can operate in a similar way as an air conditioner and is better than a ceiling fan.


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4. Professional Grade Metal Shutter Exhaust Fan

whole house attic exhaust fan

This professional-grade exhaust fan has a diameter of 10 inches and is large enough to cool large areas. The product has a 6-inch blade that moves air at the rate of 2,473 cubic feet per minute consuming only 25 watts hence it is very economical and saves electricity.

A professional-grade shutter exhaust fan is made with a waterproof plastic that shelters the motor and the wire connection and also has a painted shutter that does not rust. The product also comes with a power cord.

A professional-grade metal shutter exhaust fan has dimensions of 22 inches by 12 inches by 22 inches and weighs 23 pounds. It is also shipped when fully assembled and the user does not require any technical or professional assistance to install. The manufacturer offers a 60-day warranty.

The product is versatile and can be used for ventilating stores, garages, offices, factories, and shops among other rooms since the exhaust fans are capable of eliminating moisture, heat, dust, and odors. The shutter is designed to automatically close to stopping air infiltration when the fans are not working.


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5. Cool Attic Whole House Shutter Fan

whole house exhaust fan

This machine has a 2-speed model and is designed to cool houses with an area of up to 1,800 sq.ft. The cool attic fan is economical since it cools large areas efficiently while operating on low energy and the shutter is powder-coated resistant to harsh weather conditions.

This product has been re-assembled with a bracing system that creates a stable motor mount and is stronger than a tube-style bracing. Cool attic fan functions by drawing fresh air from the outside and removing the warm and stuffy air through the exhaust vents. It is quiet hence providing a peaceful environment and also easy to install since it comes when fully assembled. Apart from the heat, it also eliminates moisture and odor from houses.

Cool attic shutter fan is equipped with a powerful motor that cycles the air in your rooms and the user experiences great refreshments within a short time

The product has dimensions of 29 inches by 29 inches by 11 inches and weighs 46 pounds. In addition, the manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty.


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6. Tamarack Technologies Whole House Exhaust fan

whole house exhaust fan system

Tamarack technologies exhaust fan is assembled in the USA and moves air at the rate of 1000 cubic feet per minute while at the same time it comes with insulated doors. It comes when fully assembled and is also easy to install since it does not require a professional.

The product has an ergonomic design that supports both vertical and horizontal installation. Tamarack whole house exhaust fan operates by expelling hot air through the vents creating a negative pressure in the room which results in fresh air from the outside getting in through the open windows.

Tamarack whole house exhaust fan has a unique design that seals insulated doors automatically when they are not being used thus preventing cool air from the outside getting into your attic. In addition, the insulated doors ensure there is no heat loss to the surrounding during the cold seasons.

The product comes with dimensions of 40 inches by 12 inches by 24 inches and weighs 23 pounds. It has a sound of 3 tones and is rendered to be louder than a conventional bathroom fan. Tamarack exhaust fans are UL certified and the doors are insulated to R38. The manufacturer offers a 3-year warranty.


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7. Broan 353 Gamble Mount Attic Ventilator

whole house exhaust fan system

The product has a high-quality ventilator that operates to eliminates heated air within an area of up to 1630sq.tf at a rate of 1020 cubic feet per minute. Broan 353 attic ventilator is durable since it is constructed with 22-gauge galvanized steel that makes it stronger.

The machine has a 14 -inch diameter blade made of steel material that enhances maximum air movement. The motor is also permanently lubricated thus has an increased lifespan.

Broan attic ventilator is easy to operate since it is assembled with an in-built and adjustable thermostat. It is HVI-certified hence can be relied on and also has a built-in screen that keeps out insects, birds, and animals without altering the flow of air.

Broan attic ventilator has dimensions of 15 inches by 8 inches by 15 inches and weighs 11.25 pounds. The product can be bought at a price of around 87 U.S. Dollars and has a 1-year warranty.


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8. TPI Corporation Shutter Mounted Exhaust Fan

whole house exhaust fan installation

TPI Corporation exhaust fan is shutter mounted and has a 3-speed exhaust fan that is; a high speed, medium speed and low speed for use in exterior ventilation. The machine is easier to install since it uses a direct drive exhaust fan. It also uses a single phase and has a diameter of 14 inches thus effective to cool a large area.

The product is durable since it has permanently lubricated motors that have completely enclosed ball bearings with permanent capacitors. It also has automated shutters that close to protect the fan from moisture when it is not working. The shutter blades are made from aluminum material that is attached to a steel hub to improve on durability.

TPI Corporation exhaust fan moves air at the rate of 1520 CFM when operating at high speed, 1400 CFM at medium speed and 1250 CFM at low speed. The product is versatile and can be used to ventilate large rooms such as garages, offices among others.

The machine also comes inclusive of a junction box for a direct connection to a wall switch. It has dimensions of 17.13 inches by 17.13 inches by 14 inches and weighs 17 pounds. It also operates on 120V and comes at a price of around 250 U.S. Dollars and the manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty.


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Buying Guides of Best Whole House Exhaust Fan 

When purchasing a whole house exhaust fan, it is good to consider the best features that will match your house.

whole house attic exhaust fan

1. Consider a quiet fan.

Since a whole house exhaust fan is at operation most of the time, it is ideal for it to be quiet. When considering this feature, belt-driven exhaust fans are the most preferred than the direct-drive fans since they are quieter during operation. In addition, one should consider the fans with more blades as they have been proven to be quieter.

2.Timer control design.

A whole-house exhaust fan with a timer control is better than one operating with a thermostat because one operating with a thermostat can switch on even when no one is in the house. Furthermore, in case of a fire in a fireplace, the fan can switch on if it operates using a thermostat which can result in more damages.

3. The size of the exhaust fan.

One should consider the size of the fan depending on the size of the house because a bigger house would require a bigger fan to be more effective. Larger fans will operate well at a lower speed hence the amount of energy consumed would be minimal and also heavy exhaust fans are quieter than the light ones. Whole house exhaust fans are ranked according to the cubic feet per minute the air they can displace.

4. Method of installation.

One should consider exhaust fans that are easy to install. Ideally, Direct-drive fans are easy to install with minimal assistance while belt-driven exhaust fans use a complex pulley system thus consumes time when installing and may require a professional.

5. The quality of the shutters.

One should consider the best quality of shutters or doors because the better the quality the fewer noises will be experienced when it turns off. Whole house exhaust fans that have an automated insulated shutter switch off when the fan is not working thus prevent heat loss hence an ideal unit for saving energy.