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How To Measure Ceiling Fan Size


Choosing the right ceiling fan is dependent on more than one variable. For example, you’ll want to make sure that the fan you choose complements the décor of the room. You may also want to make sure that any fan you choose is powerful enough to get the job done and finally you need to […]

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Ceiling Fan Motor Comparison


When you look for a new car you will notice that you are going to have a number of options when it comes to the motor. They will be available in a 4, 6 or 8 cylinder and the higher cylinders are considered to be high performance. Those that have really paid attention to the […]

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Tower Fans vs Stand Fans


Fans are a quick and effective way of cooling a room. They can also be used to help with ventilation and sometimes even drying. They come in lots of different designs from contemporary to traditional and utilise many different materials including natural ones such as bamboo or palm leaves. Fans can also be relatively cheap […]

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How to Clean a Ceiling Fan

A ceiling fan is a useful fixture to have in many locations around a property and can bring a cooling breeze to rooms that make them more comfortable places in which to spend time. It is inevitable over time that the blades will get dirty and this can affect the performance of a fan, as […]

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How to Oil a Ceiling Fan


Unfortunately it’s not uncommon for ceiling fans to wear over time, and when this happens they will need a little bit of tender loving care to get them running again. You should be able to identify when your ceiling fan needs some routine maintenance by an increase in the amount of noise it produces. When […]

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Find The Perfect Ceiling Fans Styles

ceiling fans types

It doesn’t really matter where you live, it doesn’t matter if you are facing the heat wave or if you live somewhere with a slightly cooler weather, at some point of the year you are going to find yourself wishing you had a high quality ceiling fan. For those who don’t know, there are several […]

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Major Distinguishing Features of Indoor and Outdoor Ceiling Fans


A ceiling fan is a vital house add-on that improves the living condition of your home. Despite having wide windows and proper ventilation, a ceiling fan is necessary especially during summer to cool off the excess heat that may accumulate the house, by supplying cold fresh air. However, with their essence comes the differences in […]

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Factors that Determine Ceiling Fan Airflow


Searching for an ceiling fan will require a great deal of thought. This is because you will want to find the perfect fan to fit your décor. However, you should always consider the motor that is used with the fan. This is what is going to determine the amount of power the fan has, how […]

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Energy Efficiency in Ceiling Fans

Image from Most of the time someone hears that a ceiling fan is energy efficient they know that it can help them save money on their electricity bills. They also know that it will be much greener for the environment. But, it is still important to really understand what you should be looking at […]

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Using The Right Tools For Installing A Ceilng Fan


Modern tools and equipment allow you to complete home improvement projects more easily than ever before. Yet despite all the new technology and design, the basic principles and techniques have not changed. With a few essential tools you will be able to measure, cut, fix, assemble and finish most jobs. The tools required to install […]

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How to Choose a Ceiling Fan


When it comes to purchasing cheap ceiling fans you will see that there are a number of things that you have to consider. Not all ceiling fans are the same. Of course, you will need to look for the style that will fit your home. But, you should also consider the price, the functionality and […]

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The Top Benefits of a Dehumidifier


Dehumidifiers are almost akin to life saving devices, given the level of air pollution and air-borne allergens all around. As a home appliance itself, a dehumidifier plays an important role in keeping the home environment clean enough to avoid prolonged contact with such elements and pollutants. Are you thinking to get hold of air humidifiers […]

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Can A Ceiling Fan Actually Keep You Warm?


You may have heard about using ceiling fans in the summer, but using it in the winters to keep you warm? Yes, ceiling fans are a possible method of keeping you warm in the long suffering winter months. They are in fact a cheaper method, than the usual heating equipment. Here is a short reason […]

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History of the Ceiling Fan


Rotating ceiling fans are a souvenir of the 1860s and 170s of the American history: long before they operated on electricity, the rotating ceiling fans used to function on the classic design of running water turning turbines to activate a series of belts and straps which used to rotate the fan. How Was It Made? […]

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How Does a Ceiling Fan Speed Control Work?


If you’re worried about the summer heat, you know that you need a ceiling fan. It’s one of those multi-functional devices that can keep you cool and if you buy a ceiling fan with lighting, can also ensure that your surrounding is well lit. While you can regulate it accordingly during the summers and winters, […]

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