Cheap Ceiling Fans Reviews- Comprehensive Guide (Feb. 2018)

There are times that you need cool air in the house during the summer period. In such a case, the use of ceiling fans is quite important. The moment you end up with the best ceiling fans, you can always be sure about the various benefits it would have for your house.

That being said, it is not always easy to end up with the cheap ceiling fans all the time. Multiple manufacturers exist today, and they all have different products. Each manufacturer would claim that their product is the best, so you get one from them. As the buyer, such things can make you feel confused at times. It is crucial that you take the time to learn more about the ceiling fans before making a smart decision.

We get to look at some of the top rated ceiling fan models available today on the market. These types of ceiling fans have been tested and proven to deliver the cooling that you have always wanted. This could be your next cheap solution to cooling as compared to the air conditioner.

Best Ceiling Fans Reviews 2018

Minka-Aire F518-WH 44″ Ceiling Fan

Minka Aire F518 review

The Minka-Aire F518 should be the next ceiling fan that you get for yourself as it comes with multiple features you could use. It comes with the remote control and light that works great for illuminating your room. The overall design should give you a contemporary look that most people like today. It comes with three blades, which should be enough to deliver the right airflow that you need for cooling the room.

Since all the controls are available on the remote control, you can change the various types of settings without moving your seat. Some of the things you can do are increase the speed of the fan, the dimming and increasing of the light. It is still possible to do the reverse function from the remote with ease.

Thanks to its design, the model can be used for lower ceilings. If you have a low roof, then you can benefit from using this type of model. The blade design of the fan makes it possible to deliver an airflow of 4600 CFM while only using 40 watts of power. With its low energy consumption, you can be sure it will not increase the energy bills.

What we like:
  • It comes with better durability
  • It is to mount the fan
  • It does not make a lot of noise
  • It can work great for large rooms

What we don’t like:
  • The pull chain tends to fail after a while
  • The customer care does not always respond

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Hunter 53090 Builder Deluxe 5-Blade Single Light Ceiling Fan

Hunter 53090 review

When it comes to finding the best craftsmanship, then Hunter is one company that can deliver on with all of its models. You can always be sure that in the end, the product will be of great quality and still design. The manufacturer used only the finest materials to make this ceiling fan. You might get most of such fans in our homes today. Thanks to their construction, they can help save up to 47 percent on the cooling costs.

It can fan large rooms of up to 400 square feet. Even for these large rooms, you will not have to worry about the performance. It would still deliver on impressive airflow all along. The limited lifetime warranty should make you understand how great it is for durability.

What we like:
  • It is easy to install
  • It comes with variable speed control and reverse function
  • It comes with an integrated light for better visibility
  • It uses less power

What we don’t like:
  • Unreliable customer support

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Westinghouse 7214100 Harmony Two-Light 48-Inch Two-Blade Indoor Ceiling Fan

Westinghouse 7214100 review

The model comes refined from its design to the functionality. The brushed nickel finish with a frosted glass light fixture makes it quite different. You should feel that the model is worth every penny that you spend on it. The use of a silicon steel motor coupled with a triple capacitor helps by providing a powerful and yet quiet circulation. The fan comes with three speeds, which you can change from one to another depending on the needs.

During the cold weather, you can now it to recirculate the warm air from the ceiling so that it can be able to eliminate the cold spots. It is ideal for small rooms of up to 144 square feet. It is still enough to deliver the right amount of airflow to your room with ease.

What we like:
  • It comes with a powerful motor
  • It has a great design
  • It offers a quiet circulation
  • It can recirculate warm air during the cold climate

What we don’t like:
  • It cannot be used in the large rooms
  • It could use an improvement in durability

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Emerson Ceiling Fans CF955BS Midway Eco Modern Energy Star Ceiling Fan With Light

Emerson CF955BS review

If you have always wanted a model that would save you on the energy bills, you can always opt for this model. It comes with the Eco mode that should be able to keep the energy bills low. Other than the Eco mode, you can still use it for decorating your home with ease. It comes with a great finish that makes it possible to enjoy a nice look for a change in your house.

Coming from a company that has been in existence for over 100 years, you can easily see why its products are made of the finest materials. The company tests the motors thoroughly before they can be shipped to the buyer. You can always know that the product you get is the best in every way.

What we like:
  • It consumes less power
  • It has six variable speed settings
  • It has an opal matte light fixture
  • It is energy star certified

What we don’t like:
  • It produces a loud buzz then the light it turned on
  • It does not have the best lighting

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Minka-Aire F753 Outdoor Ceiling Fan with Remote Control

Minka Aire F753 Outdoor Ceiling Fan review

Coming from Minka Aire, it is a sure way of knowing that the product would always deliver on your needs for cooling the room. It should be able to give a new sense of charm to your room. It can always make it look better than before thanks to the contemporary style it has from the overall design. The 14-degree blade pitch is a great feature that allows for ideal airflow for different room sizes.

The model still comes with a 3-speed variable setting that will make you choose one whenever you feel it is needed. You can also get a light kit for the fan, but it is sold separately. You can play around with the remote control to dim or increase the light brightness once it is installed. It can deliver and impressive CFM of 5450, which should be enough to handle different rooms.

What we like:
  • It comes with a great design
  • It has a variable speed setting
  • The lighting can be controlled by a remote

What we don’t like:
  • The product is not inclusive of the light kit

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Ceiling fan Brands Comparison

Think of the number of times you have tried to buy a product and various brands just pop up. You might not be sure which of the brands would be great for your applications. It is only the top ceiling fans brands in the industry of making fans can deliver on the needs of a person. Below are some of the top brands you can always rely on when choosing a ceiling fan.

Hunter – Best for Cheap Ceiling Fans

hunter ceiling fansHunter as a company for making the cheap ceiling fans has been in the business for over a century now. This means that the company has developed its technology over the years to become the best in the industry today. Many people who are looking for an affordable model for sure can get one from this company. It is the reason you get it rated as the best for budget ceiling fans.

These ceiling fans are not just cheap, but they will also come to deliver on durability. They will be able to last for long depending on how well you can take care of them. You will find these ceiling fans having the energy star rating. This means that they can deliver better airflow without necessarily taking up a lot of electricity.

Minka Aire – Best for Beautiful Design

Minka Aire ceiling fansYou might have a boring ceiling design, but there is always something you can do to change it. You can opt for the Minka Aire type of ceiling fans. They are known for being the best at making sure that your ceiling looks different and better still. Well, they are not just for the aesthetics, but also great in terms of functionality. They should be able to deliver on the cooling needs you have for the room.

The company has also been known to deliver various ceiling fans that deliver on better airflow at all times. You can use the different fans in various rooms and you will always get the best cooling you need in the rooms.

Emerson – Best for Power and Performance

Emerson ceiling fans brandsWhen it comes to cooling the room, the CFM rating is always important. It all comes to the type of motor used in the ceiling fan. Emerson as a brand is known for making strong motors that should be able to deliver more airflow needed for the cooling process. Various tests have been carried about the brand and they always seem to deliver on the needs of many people.

The K55 motor is commonly used in the Emerson fans. The motor over the years has earned the reputation for being the best in durability and delivery of power needed for a better airflow.

Monte Carlo – Best for Energy Efficiency

Monte Carlo ceiling fansThe Monte Carlo offers their discount ceiling fans in different shapes and designs. You can always be sure that you will end up with a model with a different design that still works great for cooling the room. You are likely to find that the fans would have various designs in terms of shapes and styling. These fans could be best for decorative purposes around the house.

Other than being beautiful, these fans are also great for energy efficiency and also airflow. You can now be sure that your energy bill will not increase unnecessarily over time. You get to save more and still cool your house.

Westinghouse – Best for Value

Westinghouse ceiling fans brandsThe company is not just great for making the ceiling fans, but also great when it comes to making general appliances. The high quality appliances that you get from this brand are always energy efficient and still packed with multiple features. You can always use such type of fans to your liking depending on the features you choose.

You can use these ceiling fans for both indoor and outdoor applications
. This means that you can have them installed with ease and get the cooling done. You simply have to choose the right blade depending on the blade type and size.

Casablanca – Best for Design and Durability

Casablanca ceiling fansCasablanca Company is a brand that over the years has been making the high quality ceiling fans that look great and also perform well. The materials used for making the fans are also great in terms of making durable fans that can last for a long time. You can always be sure that your fan will look unique to what other people have been using before.

It is from this brand that you would get the fan blades being made of high quality wood. This brings a traditional and contemporary fashion to the house giving it a different look. It should be a great investment for anyone looking to get such type of ceiling fans.

Cheap Ceiling Fans Reviews 2018

Hardware House 54-3603: nr 1 Indoor Ceiling Fan Under $50


Hardware house 54-3603 ceiling fan has 4 reversible blades available in two colors- white or light maple. The three-speed motor fan operates with the help of pull chain. Blades run in both clockwise and anticlockwise direction and hence can be used in both winter and summer. It creates cooling airflow in summer whereas in winter the fan runs in the clockwise direction to circulate the warm air. The product has the warranty of lifetime. The light kit of contains an opaque glass globe.

What we like:
  • The fan is good for the small room and works well.
  • Mounting of a fan is very easy and gives maximum headroom since it can be mounted close to the ceiling.
  • It comes with an instruction manual that describes step by step description of setting up.
  • The option of color switching is appreciable.

What we don’t like:
  • The light fixture is however not standard, and customers can replace it with a different light setup.
  • Additional lights are needed in the room.

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Hugger 25518: nr 1 Ceiling Fan under $40


It has five blades. A fan comes to light settings that serve the dual purpose. The bulb fixed inside the dome provides better illumination and thus reduce the need for additional bulbs in the room. Hence, No need to turn on light bulbs of room. It is best for rooms of dimension 14ftx14ft.

The product is fully certified and tested. Cooling cost can be saved up to 47%. It comes with a light kit, pulls chains and LED bulb. The brushed nickel finish gives an aesthetic look to the room. It comes with three mounting options and contains all required necessary. The blades and motor are reversible and thus can be changed according to settings. It has appealing physical looks that look good in homes.

What we like:
  • Its performance is quite good as it does not make noise while operating
  • It has stylish designs created with the finest materials
  • Saves cooling costs
  • Available at affordable price
  • Lifetime motor warranty

What we don’t like:
  • Comes with no mounting hardware
  • For indoor use only
  • No remote control

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Westinghouse 7861400: nr 1 Cheap Indoor Ceiling Fan


Westinghouse 7861400 is an indoor ceiling fan designed for large residential spaces, industries and commercial spaces. It is a three blade ceiling fan with sleek brushed nickel finish. It has control unit with 5-speed options. It is designed to circulate air powerfully and provides excellent airflow. A motor of fan comes with the warranty period of 15 years and other parts with two years.

It requires minimal assembly. The product is made of steel and has the industrial pattern. The blade’s size is 56-inch. It runs on the electric power source and requires 120 volts to operate. It comes with a special feature for wall control. It got impressive reviews thus can be said as best ceiling fan for industrial purpose.

The product is however worthy and good for commercial and industrial use. The product is delivered with free shipping and thus is cost effective.

What we like:
  • It has up/down switch for changing air flow direction.
  • Make no noise and has no bulky control panel
  • Reliable and have excellent quality
  • No batteries required
  • Reliable and have excellent quality

What we don’t like:
  • No reversible option
  • Has traditional look
  • A fan cannot be used in rooms having low ceilings.

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Hampton Bay: nr 1 Cheap Outdoor Ceiling Fan


Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan 191410 has blades with the pattern that is perfect for all weather. The product has the natural iron finish. It creates a feel for both outdoor and indoor. It works on accu-arm technology. Installation is quite easy, and the fan operates without wobbling. It is wet listed and hence good for outdoor applications. Available in black color and palm cove style, it has good airflow capacity.

Its special features include quick fit installation, tri-mount installation, finished teak blades. It includes components such as downrod, angle mount hardware. It has five numbers of speeds, remote control, reversible blades, no timer and no certifications. It has the protruding mounting type. It can be mounted close to a ceiling, angled position or in standard position. The size of the blade is 48 inch and has bronze finishing. Despite having no light kit, buyers like it. It can be controlled by wall control as well.

Its nice look and all features have won the heart of customers, and therefore none of the customers have given negative comments about it. It can be called as king of fans. Thus, it is the best product for those who want to add an aesthetic look to their home.

What we like:
  • Affordable for all buyers.
  • It coherent, compact and sleek design is perfect for the outdoor setting.
  • It has the powerful motor that offers better air movement that makes it feel right.
  • Highly impressive in looks and gives a modern look to the outdoor setting of the home.

What we don’t like:
  • No light kit
  • No timer

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Hunter 53091- nr 1 Cheap Fan with Light


Hunter 53091 is an indoor ceiling fan that comes with a light pull chain control to control the light. It uses incandescent light and has five blades that are reversible. It comes in cherry color and different grain pattern. The fan can be hanged at the height of 17.9”. Two light bulbs come with the fan. Its bronze finishing and cherry color are very impressive. The air flow capacity of hunter 53091 is 5110 CFM. The blade’s size is 52 inch. It has only one light source. A fan is designed in the circular shape with the metal material. It does not run on electric power source but runs on hardwire power source.

It, however, can run on variable speed and is designed for general purpose. It has no batteries since it doesn’t require them. Hunter 53091 comes with a motor of the lifetime warranty, and its other parts have limited warranty of 1 year excluding glass globes, light bulbs, and motor.

What we like:
  • Easy to install
  • Simple light kit with nice sleek design
  • Runs without wobbling
  • Has 3 inches down extension rod
  • Reversible motor

What we don’t like:
  • No plug profile is embedded in the fan
  • No remote control
  • Controlling via pull chain is not easy

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Types of Best Ceiling Fans

Transitional Ceiling Fans

The transitional ceiling fans are known for bringing a new look to your house. It would have the traditional and contemporary mixture that makes them stand out as different from the other types of ceiling fans you may have encountered before. You can never go wrong when having a product connecting the contemporary and traditional worlds together. Thanks to their flexible designs, the applications for such fans should be multiple.

Low Profile Fans

Low Profile Fans

The low profile fans sometimes are called hugger or flush mount ceiling fans. The fans are great for applications where the ceiling height of the room is less than 8 feet. You can now have the blades of the fan at around 7 feet above the room floor. You will simply have to mount it directly to the given brackets for mounting. These brackets should hold the fan securely against the ceiling, thus preventing it from easily falling.

Ceiling Fans With Lights

Different manufacturers would want their product to be seen as the best; it is what led to the invention of the ceiling fans with lights. The manufacturers decided to merge two important household fixtures just to make sure that many people get to enjoy them together. You can now have the fan cooling the room and still lighting up the room. Depending on the type of glass and design, you can have it lighting up or down the room.

Outdoor Ceiling Fans

It is possible that sometimes you will want to spend more time outdoors enjoying the scenery. You may have to install the outdoor ceiling fan just to make sure that your porch or patio is at the right temperature. The outdoor fans can be for either wet conditions or damp conditions. You get to choose the one you think is appropriate for your area. You will find that such type of ceiling fans would be made of strong material that is also moisture-resistant. It should be able to work effectively for different types of weather. (Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans -Our Top Picks)

Best Energy Star-Rated Ceiling Fans

With many people today conscious about the amount of energy they use daily for their home applications, it is important to have the energy star rated type of ceiling fans. These fans are designed to be the most efficient in terms of using energy. They are commonly made to have aerodynamic blades, which allows for better fan operation on less energy. Statistics show that such type of fans would have 20% energy efficiency as compared to the traditional ceiling fans.

Dual Motor Fans

The dual motor fans are different in terms of construction from the standard models. It will come with two adjustable motor fans working independently. You can adjust the position of each motor so that you feel the effective cooling in different directions. Most of the time, such type of fans would be made of strong materials that makes them applicable for both indoor and outdoor scenarios.

Kid Style Ceiling Fans

As much as you have always wanted your house to look different, you still have to consider the kid’s room. It should be able to have some decorative features that make it appealing to the kids. With these best kid style ceiling fans, you can always be sure to end up with fans that fit into your kid’s room. These fans would come with various designs, size, and color to help engage your kid’s imagination. It is common to have such fans with vibrant colors and cartoon figures on them.

Features to Consider and How to Choose the Best Ceiling Fans

Energy Star Rating

More and more people are now looking to save energy on the different types of products they use at home. It would be perfect if you end up with a model that can save on energy. It is even a requirement in some countries that such electrical components deliver on the best energy saving capabilities. The presence of an energy star rating should be comforting enough to know that you got the best ceiling fan for your applications.

ceiling fans blades

How Many Blades Do You Really Need?

The number of blades is important to the amount of airflow you can get from the best ceiling fans. It is common that you would encounter the five-blade type of ceiling fan. It is now possible to have the 4-blade and even 3-blade type of ceiling fan. The lower the number of blades you get per fan, the lower the cost too. You are supposed to think of the amount of airflow you need and choose the appropriate blade too.

How Many Settings Do You Need?

The business of manufacturing the ceiling fans is quite competitive, so the manufacturers would include different settings to make their product stand out. Some of the settings would be important while the others might be unnecessary. It is time that you examined the settings first to see if they can deliver on the functionality of the ceiling fan or not. You can always opt for the less settings, but only if the fan can deliver well on its functionality with a few settings.

Measure Ceiling Fan Size

Not all fans would be great to work for certain sizes of rooms. You should be looking for the right size of ceiling fan size before buying one. You have to think about the room where you will have to mount the fan first. The fan size will depend mostly on the size and number of blades. Depending on the size of the fan, it should be able to deliver more or less airflow for the room. Most manufacturers would indicate on the fan label where it can be used appropriately. You can now choose the fan size depending on where it would be used to cool the area.

Room Dimensions Suggested Fan Size
Up to 7 m2 29″ – 36″
7 – 13 m2 36″ – 42″
13 – 21 m2 44″
21 – 37 m2 50″ – 54″

The Mounting System

The position at which you can mount the ceiling fan varies a lot and it is still a crucial aspect of owning such a fan. It is recommended that you have the fan mounted in the middle of your room or sometimes at least a distance of 18 inches from the nearest wall. It should also be 7 feet above the floor to avoid any cases of accidents. There are different types of mounting positions you can expect with the ceiling fans and they include;

  • Standard position
  • Sloped mount
  • Extended mount
  • Flush mount

ceiling fan motor comparison

Compare the CFM

The CFM (cubic feet per minute) is the amount of airflow efficiency of the ceiling fan. It is always important that you get to choose one that can deliver on the best airflow efficiency. If you get one that can offer over 6000 CFM, then you can be sure it is the best. Make sure to check such rating on the ceiling fan labels before buying one.

ceiling fan styles

The Styling of The Ceiling Fans

Each manufacturer would want to ensure more people can buy its products. The styling will now be the attracting design that someone gets when looking for the ceiling fans. We have already highlighted the different fan types above. You can now choose the fan type based on your needs at home. You could always check out several types of fans so that you end up with the right fan type at all times.

The Installation Process

The installation process is quite important for the user. You do not want to end up with a model that will take you hours to install. The different types of ceiling fans would come with various options for installation. It is always better if you get to choose one that is easy to install. If you choose it right, you should be done within an hour. The manufacturers would always deliver the product with the best manual detailing all the instructions needed to handle it. You can be sure that some will be easier to understand than the others.

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The Operating Cost

The different ceiling fans would have different motors each coming from different manufacturers. These motors would have different costs of operating them in terms of energy efficiency. You have to make sure that the installation of the new fans will not triple your energy bill. Today, various models exist that have been designed to make sure that the operating costs are made to be as low as possible.

The Noise Level

The fans have blades that would be cutting through the air and also rotating on a motor. With all these rotations, there is bound to have some noise at some point. Noise is not always great for a room, especially with kids. As much as you want the room to be cooled, you do not want to disturb the kid’s sleep. You have to check out the different noise levels that are likely to be produced by the fan before buying it.


The type of construction matters a lot to the user and where the fan would be installed. Sometimes you get the fan being made of cheap materials that cannot last for a long time. Remember that your ceiling fan would be only useful if it is working. Take the time to learn more about the construction of the fan before you can buy it. Sometimes you would get the cheaper models having better construction too. If it is a strong material that was used to make the fan, then you can be sure it will last for long.


Before you can head out to buy anything, you will always have a budget in mind. It is important that you get to stick the budget at all times. It is possible that you can still leave room for adjustment in the budget, as the prices might not always be as expected. The best thing to do would be comparing the different types of ceiling fans to find the one that is within your budget and still delivers on the best operations. You can shop around in different stores comparing the prices before settling on one model.


By now, you understand all you need to make sure that you can always end up with the best ceiling fans. This guide should give you all the pointers for knowing the best model from the many available on the market. Always make sure that you get to use a model that can always deliver on your need for cooling a room during the hot days. If you get it done right, you can expect that the model would stay working great for a long time.

What Should I Pay for a Best Ceiling Fan?

The usual Google search can net you the lowest cost new ceiling fan at about $25-$40 for the cash strapped. The standard ceiling fan may include a light bulb and will consume approximately 13 watts of your electricity. The light bulb may have a dimmer and a pull chain instead of your board switch. The Hampton Bay Littleton 42” should do the trick here.

Then as you move on to $50-$100 mark, you can find better brands offering multi-blade rotors without the ‘humming’ sound, a life-time warranty against manufacturing defects in the motor and reversible speeds. This category is filled with numerous offerings from Hunter, but the most popular one seems to be Hunter 53237 Builder Plus.

For $100 to about $140, you will have the privilege of having reduced noise and remotes in addition to the above goodies. LED lights are an option, which means even lesser power draws. The best option for you at this point is the Hunter Deluxe 5-blade or the Minka-Aire F518-WH. Best value for money.

Above the $150 mark, you also get the option of angled mounts. And the Hunter Biscayne 54” combines all of that for you, making it the best choice overall.

Higher price ranges up to $1000-1200 will make you feel like you are paying for modern art or a high end Wi-fi enabled gadget instead of a cooling solution.

Ceiling Fans Tips and Tricks

No matter what fan you purchase, there are a few things that will help you keep the bills down and get the best out of your fan.

  • Increased number of fan blades will slow down the motor. But the noise will be quite low.
  • Choose a fan with an extension rod and a light integrated.
  • Go for a reversible motor which can keep your home warm in winter and cool in the summer time.
  • Using a fan with the AC can allow you to keep your bills down. You can keep the thermostat of AC at a higher temperature and fan can circulate the cool air around.
  • Remember to turn off the fan when you’re not in the room – it’s easy to forget!

With this information, you can buy the best fan for your budget and enjoy the dual benefits of the unsung hero – the best ceiling fan.



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