Energy Efficiency in Ceiling Fans

Most of the time someone hears that a ceiling fan is energy-efficient they know that it can help them save money on their electricity bills. They also know that it will be much greener for the environment. But, it is still important to really understand what you should be looking at and comparing when it comes to these ceiling fans.

What Should You Know on Ceiling Fan Efficiency?

The EPA of the United States of America has made it a requirement that the manufacturers of ceiling fans have to give you information related to the performance and energy efficiency of all ceiling fans. You should be able to find a label on the box that is going to break all of this down for you. Then you will be able to decide on the ceiling fan that will be the best for you.

Now, you will want to know how to go about understanding the information that you have access to.

It is relatively easy to understand so that you are able to compare all of the different fans that are out there. On the top section you are going to see the testing speed. This will show you just how fast the fan is going to need to be running in order for it to produce the best results. In order to guarantee that all of the information will be uniform across the different manufacturers they are only required to give statistics from testing at the top speed of the fan.

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Next, you are going to see information on the airflow at cubic feet per minute.

This will be a rating of how much air the fan will be moving around when it is running at the top speed. It will show you just how much air you are going to feel when the fan is running at the top speed. If you are able to get a larger movement of air then you will be able to decrease the energy that you are using for your air conditioner. So, the higher the better.

You will see the amount of electricity that is used will also be given to you. This will be measured in watts. Individuals are going to see that they are not going to use more than 100 watts. This is much better than using an air conditioner.

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Finally, you will see that there will be a rating related to the efficiency of your fan.

This explains the total amount of watts that the fan is going to use and it is measured in cubic feet per minute per watt. The number you see will be a ratio rather than a percentage so there could be times when you are going to be looking at a number that is higher than 100.

Remember, the airflow will be important. It is best to have a fan with a higher motor so that it can be run at a lower speed and you will be using less wattage. This is a wonderful way to save energy in your home.

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