How to Clean a Ceiling Fan

A ceiling fan is a useful fixture to have in many locations around a property and can bring a cooling breeze to rooms that make them more comfortable places in which to spend time. It is inevitable over time that the blades will get dirty and this can affect the performance of a fan, as well as being unsightly and unhygienic. When it comes to how to clean a ceiling fan though, it is nor an overly difficult task and the following are some tips to assist.

How to Clean A Ceiling Fan Effectively By Yourself

ways of cleaning ceiling fans


Obviously the fan should not be spinning if you are planning to clean it and the first step is to make sure it is safely switched off. Wait until the fan has come to a complete stop before moving closer to remove any chance of sustaining an injury and to avoid the blades being damaged. Laying out an old sheet below the fan will help to catch any dirt that falls during cleaning and will protect carpets or another flooring.

Safe Access

A ceiling fan is likely to be out of reach for most people from the ground and this means finding a way of getting up to the blades. Avoid simply standing on a chair or box as these can be unstable and there is a danger it could lead to a fall. Instead invest in a solid stepladder that is safer to stand on and if possible get someone to hold this to ensure it remains steady. An alternative is to opt for a high-reach cleaning kit. These are designed with longer handles to enable higher fixtures, such as ceiling fans, to be more easily reached and cleaned from the floor.

Vacuum Cleaner Attachment

There are vacuum cleaner attachments that are specifically designed to fit over the blades of a fan to clean them. Some cleaners come supplied with these although they can also be bought separately. Anyone with ceiling fans should invest in one of these as they are a quick and useful way to start cleaning. They will pick up much of the loose dust on the top of fan blades and are a good first step in getting them spotless. Make sure the vacuum hose is long enough so that the appliance remains on the floor as the attachment is used on the blades.

Further Cleaning

Dirt that is sticking to the blades is unlikely to be picked up by vacuuming and it can take a little more elbow grease to remove this. The simplest option is to moisten a cloth with some water and use it to thoroughly wipe each blade so that dirt stuck on them is removed. Wipe away any moisture using a dry cloth and also use this to clean the motor housing. Finish by applying some dust-repelling spray to a clean cloth and use it to wipe the blades. This stops dust from being attracted for a while and can keep a fan cleaner for longer.

It is not difficult to learn how to clean a ceiling fan efficiently and the tips above will help with this. Take them on board to get your fans sparkling and hygienic so they can better do their job of keeping you cooler.