How To Measure Ceiling Fan Size

Choosing the right ceiling fan is dependent on more than one variable. For example, you’ll want to make sure that the fan you choose complements the décor of the room. You may also want to make sure that any fan you choose is powerful enough to get the job done and finally you need to make sure that the fan is the right size. The last thing you want is a ceiling fan that is so big that it completely overpowers the room or a fan that is so small that it looks silly and doesn’t provide adequate airflow coverage, therefore knowing how to measure ceiling fan size is a useful skill.

Ceiling Fan Sizing

The blade size of a ceiling fan also referred to as the sweep. When a fan has an odd number of blades this is determined by measuring the distance from the tip of one blade to the center of the motor and then doubling that number, when a fan has an even number of blades that you can simply measure the distance from the tip of one blade to the tip of its opposing blade.

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Measuring Room Size

Knowing how big the fan you want is but not knowing how big your room. it won’t actually be that helpful, so you need to also measure the dimensions of your room. The easiest and most standard way to do this is to present the measurements in square feet. In order to get this number you will need to measure the width of the room from the furthest point on one side to the furthest point on the other. You will then need to measure the length of the room. Once you have these numbers all you need to do is multiply them together to get your square footage.

What Does This Mean?

So you know the sweep of the ceiling fan you want and you have the square footage of your room, but what do you do now? Well there is a simple rule to follow; small fan small room, large fan large room. If you’re still not completely sure then you should easily be able to find a chart that can detail the fan size you need based on the room size, and you can also work out how high you need to hang the fan based on your ceiling height.