The Ultimate Electric Attic Fan

From improving the air circulation in your house to lowering air conditioning expenses, electric attic fans are all that you need. Regardless of the weather within your region, these devices will come in handy for you. But how much do you know about these attic fans? Here are a few things you might want to keep in mind.

Are attic fans noisy?

There is no denying that your peace will be dependent on the quiet you enjoy in the house. It is no exception when you invest in an attic fan. Usually, these fans come with different noise levels, depending on the model. Most of the newer models tend to be whisper-quiet. However, some of them could be relatively noisy and uncomfortable to have. The noise could result from different issues within the system.

What causes noise in attic fans

Various aspects could effortlessly make your attic fan noisy. Unless you understand how to handle this, your desired comfort will remain a mirage. Here are a few things that could lead to increased noise in your attic fan.

• Loose screws

Indeed, the screws used to fix the fan to the gables become loose with time. As long as they are loose, they will make the whole assembly vibrate and thereby making noise. It is for this reason that you will need to tighten your screws from time to time. Besides reducing noise, it will ensure that you remain safe.

• Unbalanced blades

Imbalanced blades will most often produce metal clanking noise, and continuously so. Usually, this will happen whenever you use your attic fans regularly. If this happens, it will be best for you to take the time to balance the blades. You will also be free to replace them altogether.

• Rusted motor

Rusted motors will always produce one of the most irritating noises. It will be easier to replace than repair these rusted motors, as removing the rust could be daunting. Further, if the fan has become relatively old, it will be more sensible to replace it.

• Replace ball-bearings

Ball-bearings have proven to be vital in facilitating the smooth movement of the fan. However, they are susceptible to wear and tear, which compromises their lubrication abilities. It is for this reason that you will end up squealing sounds from time to time. If you do not replace the bearings, you will hardly enjoy your peace.

How to find a quiet fan

Did you know that getting a quiet fan will often be a sure way of getting the comfort you so need in your home? As long as there is little noise produced by the attic fan, you will have no reason to worry. Usually, you will need to focus on various critical variables when making your selection. They include the following.

• The motor

Typically, the noise produced by the motor determines how much noise the attic fan will emit in general. It is for this reason that it will be best for you to aim at a relatively silent motor. Most experts will suggest that you pick a brushless motor, as it will assure you of unmatched efficiency and performance. Remember, every electronically commutated motor will assure you of lesser noise.

• Check the number of blades

An increase in the number of blades will often assure you of enhanced quietness. That is because the blades will hardly have to work as much as when they are much fewer. For instance, an attic fan with four blades will be more silent than that with three blades, with CFM being constant.

• How big are the blades?

Did you know that bigger blades will often be whisper-quiet, despite moving relatively slower? While smaller blades are likely to move much faster, there is a chance that you will not like the noise they produce. While at it, ensure that the blades are belt-driven, as this ensures the performance is not only topnotch but also relatively silent.

Different types of quiet attic fans

Usually, you will need to be sure about which quiet fan suits your needs. Here are the five common options from which you can choose.

• Quiet Cool attic fans

These attic fans pride themselves in being among the most innovative options you have at hand. Besides keeping your attic safe and the home cool, you will be confident in their enhanced energy efficiency in the long run. In most cases, they will effortlessly reach some of the less-exposed places within your home.

• Quiet attic exhaust fans

This attic fan is that which regulates the temperature or heat level within your home by exhausting hot air. It usually comes with a thermostat, which automatically turns your fan on and off whenever necessary. On the other hand, you will be free to use a manual switch, depending on what you prefer most.

• Quiet attic gable fan

The gable attic fans are those whose design allows you to mount them only on the gable of the roof. Typically, you will need to install this attic fan vertically on your gable rather than on top of your roof. You will hardly overlook their incredible performance in blowing hot and humid air out of the attic. It will suffice to mention that these fans often last for between 15 and 25 years.

• Quiet exhaust attic fan with thermostat

This attic fan is relatively similar to the attic exhaust fan. However, the difference is that this one comes with a built-in thermostat. The role of this thermostat is to make sure that there is enhanced lubrication of the fans and smooth operation. It will also ensure that you do not worry about turning the device on or off, as it enhances automation.

• Quiet attic vent fan

From the name itself, this attic vent is one which must be installed in the vent of your house. It will be fair to mention that they will often sit on the base of this soffit vent hole. Undoubtedly, you will fall for their level of efficiency, as they hardly depend on blowing wind to function optimally. Their role will be to suck fresh air into the house and dissipate any warm air from the house, and quietly so.

The best five options for you to consider

Ultimately, you will want the best electric attic fan for your house. From the riotous competition in this industry, it will be hard for one to decide which option is best. It is in this light that we compile a list of five incredible choices you will hardly regret. They will include the following.

i. iLiving 18-Inch Mounted Exhaust Fan

You will hardly resist the impressiveness provided by this incredible exhaust attic fan. From its robust construction to the use of topnotch material, it is something you will not regret. This product comes with a high-grade aluminum casing, which can comfortably withstand moisture and heat.

That this product assures you of variable speed is no secret. This function allows you to customize your comfort in the long run. Remember, the speed controller button stands out of the rest.

It comes with automatic shutters, which are also weather resistant. Usually, these shutters will be vital in removing any excess heat or moisture, assuring you of the best results in the long run. Further to this, it comes with thermal protection, which guarantees you enhanced safety and lubrication. It is through this that maintenance will hardly be a hassle for you.

• Impressive temperature control
• Unmatched robustness and durability
• It is a multipurpose shutter fan

• Produces a little humming noise

ii. Broan NuTone 35316 Gable fan

This gable fan has proven to be one of the most effective options you could ever have, thanks to ist efficiency levels. It comes with relatively large blades, which assure you of enhanced air movement. With these large blades, you will hardly need to worry about noise, as the performance is often quiet.

Did you know that it boasts of galvanized steel housing? As if that is not enough, it features thermal protection functions and enough ribbing. All these aspects significantly contribute to the improved sturdiness and even durability of the gable fan.

The thermostat included in this gable fan makes it relatively easy to use. This thermostat ensures that you do not have a hard time operating it.

• Relatively quiet
• Assures you of enhanced warmth
• Incredible safety levels
• Built to last for long

• A little too pricy

iii. iLiving ILG8G14

From the steel construction to the silver finish, this is an attic fan you will find irresistible. This steel will assure you of longevity, as it is less susceptible to corrosion, heat, and moisture. This galvanized steel construction will also ensure that you have an easier time mounting the fan.

Did you know that it features steel propellers? These propellers will often be vital in maximizing air movement. Since they are large, the level of noise produced remains relatively low, giving you the peace of mind you so need.

It boasts of an automatic, built-in thermostat. This thermostat ensures that the parts are not only lubricated and safe for you but also make it easy for you to operate the fan.


• Minimal noise produced
• Comes with a built-in thermostat
• Robust construction for enhanced durability
• Easier to mount or install

• The cable grommet provided could be less reliable

iv. Air Vent Gable Ventilator 53315

If you are looking for enhanced affordability and value for money, this option should top your priorities.

This product comes with 14-inch blades, which are relatively large enough to assure you of maximum performance. Besides the seamless air movement, the giant blades assure you of lesser noise levels.

It is a product of stainless steel, which stands out as durable material. This robust construction will effortlessly withstand moisture and heat, making it ideal even in adverse temperature levels. The impressive CFM rating will also get you smitten.

• Sturdy, weather-resistant, and durable
• Lesser noise
• Relatively affordable

• Its plastic rings could be a disappointment to some people

v. iLiving ILG8SF12V

It will be unfair not to mention this incredible gable fan.

It boasts of an automatic shutter, which is vital in removing any excess moisture or heat. This shutter will also help in eliminating molds and allergens, keeping your house in impeccable condition.

The thermal protection that this product has is also worth appreciating. It ensures that lubrication is no longer a problem, and safety remains at exceptional levels.

Did you know that it is made from aluminum? Thanks to this, you will be sure of enhanced durability and lesser susceptibility to corrosion and moisture. This material will comfortably withstand immense heat too.

• Enhanced efficiency and power
• Comes with variable speeds
• It is weather-resistant
• Improved energy efficiency levels

• The little humming noise could be irritating

There is no denying that attic fans have a significant role to play in maintaining your comfort. However, this will depend on how quiet your device tends to be. With the options provided above, there is no doubt that you will pick the best without too much hassle. However, you will be free to explore other options too.