Why Buying Energy-Efficient Ceiling Fans Makes Such a Huge Difference

When it comes to buying home appliances, one would want to make wise investments. Neither can there be short cuts to durability nor can there be a compromise on quality. A ceiling fan is one of such long term investments – the returns of which are only possible if they work smoothly without any malfunctioning. The cost of repairs is not only a sheer waste of money but also of time.

What Is the Best Energy Efficient Ceiling Fan on the Market?

  • Includes integrated light kit that is cased in elegant White Finish
  • Designed for large rooms up to 400 sq. Feet and equipped with installer's choice position mounting system for standard, or flush mounted
  • The Indoor Ceiling Fan delivers ultra-powerful air movement, so you get the cooling power you want.
  • The motor can be run in reverse to aid operation in winter to move warm air down from the ceiling.
  • 37 Year in Ceiling Fan and Solar Industry (Not Fly By Night)

The Top Things To Remember to Make the Right Choice When Buying A Ceiling Fan

If you are just looking at the cheapest option out there, you are doing it wrong. Ceiling fans work differently, and what you need depends on different factors like the room size as well as the type of your home.

Buying a low-quality ceiling fan would definitely invite more of such expenses at the cost of your time. Quality doesn’t only ensure a safe long term investment but also gives in return the desired results of the product.

Mount considerations:

Mount options like flush mount as in hugger ceiling fans affect the airflow. The inbuilt motor in such cases is not suitably efficient and hence to give you the desired speed, the fan has to work twice as hard – which implies quicker depreciation of the fan’s shelf life and also more power consumption. Having a low-quality mount is going to result in reduced airflow, decreased life span of the fan, and increased power consumption.

  • Integrated matte opal glass light kit includes one 18-watt LED bulb for energy-efficient illumination. 44-in fan provides airflow up to 2,069-CFM, so it’s great for small rooms up to 100-sq ft 3 fan speeds allow you to maintain your ideal comfort level.

Blade quality:

Blades of a fan affect airflow, noise, and durability. Low-quality press boards come in with intricate designs but we shouldn’t be deceived by the appearance. These press boards succumb with time owing to temperature and humidity and would eventually wobble and shake.

Every time we would switch on this ceiling fan, we would have to bear with the corresponding noise. High-quality fans are usually made from authentic hardwood: the blades are either made from dying cat virgin zinc or wood. Having better blades ensures better airflow that could if properly maintained last a lifetime.

  • WHITE MODERN LED CEILING FAN: Sleek, contemporary style ceiling fan. Great for updating your space to a more modern look!
  • REMOTE CONTROL (INCLUDED): Included remote control with 3-speed settings, 'Smart Sync' for quick setup, 'Walk Away Light Delay' and light dimmer. Controlling your ceiling fan has never been easier.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH ALEXA/GOOGLE HOME: Requires a Bond Home Smart Hub (sold separately).
  • INDOOR USE, MEDIUM SIZED ROOMS: Optimal for contemporary rooms around 350 square feet such as living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms or family rooms.
  • QUIET, REVERSIBLE MOTOR: Conveniently Quiet, 3 speed - reversible motor. Can be run in the winter to aid in rotating warm air and cutting down on energy costs.
  • TRI-MOUNT COMPATIBLE: This ceiling fan can be conveniently mounted with a down-rod (4" included), angled mount and close-mount.
  • DUAL-FINISH 3 FAN BLADES: Get the perfect finish match with our reversible ceiling fan blades. Each side has a unique finish to match your needs.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Limited manufacturer's warranty. You'll love this ceiling fan!


Motors transform the electrical energy into mechanical energy to enable the ceiling fans to rotate. It is what powers the fan and hence before opting for a particular motor, one need to make specific considerations:

Stack motors:

These are essentially large motors and are the most expensive option available. It definitely is the best quality to be had. It is very efficient and doesn’t need to exert much to create a dense airflow. Thus it becomes a durable option. Plus they eliminate any chances of fan noise. Examples are XLP or K555 motor.

Medium to high use motors: This is where the upfront price becomes a reason to opt for these fans. These are an affordable option. In the long run, however, they are not going to give you the savings stack motors would. But if you do not have the means to go for stack motors up front, this might be the best buy.

Medium to low use motors: These motors work best if they are used seasonally. The airflow is the lowest when compared to the other three options. It does guarantee durability and is the most affordable option out of the three.

  • INDUSTRIAL CEILING FAN: Add a rustic ribe to your space with a industrial Honeywell ceiling fan!
  • QUIET, REVERSIBLE MOTOR: Conveniently quiet, 3 speed - reversible motor. Downdraft mode and updraft mode for optimal airflow. Control the temperature of your space with ease!
  • DUAL-FINISH REVERSIBLE BLADES: The style is up to you! This ceiling fan comes with a different finish on each sides of the blades. Pick the finish that best fits your space!
  • DUAL MOUNT COMPATIBLE: This cage ceiling fan can be conveniently mounted with a down rod (4" downrod included- longer downrods sold separately) or angled mounted on vaulted ceilings (angle bracket sold separately)
  • 100% SATISFACTION : Manufacturer's . We think you’ll enjoy the cool breeze created by this ceiling fan!

Energy efficiency:

If you also include energy efficiency as a parameter, you would have to be ready to pay more than you would for a traditional option. This upfront price is going to be definitely worth the investment as the savings you would make on electricity consumption would outdo the cost eventually. A fan that has 60-75 cubic feet per minute per watt at the highest speed is a good example of an energy-efficient option. In such cases, you at least save twice the amount of electricity consumed by a traditional fan.

  • CONTEMPORARY CEILING FAN: Modernize your space with a contemporary Honeywell ceiling fan! This small ceiling fan is perfect for kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms and smaller spaces!
  • QUIET, REVERSIBLE MOTOR: Conveniently quiet, 3 speed - reversible motor. Downdraft mode and updraft mode for optimal airflow. Control the temperature of your space with ease.
  • DUAL-FINISH REVERSIBLE BLADES: The style is up to you! This ceiling fan comes with a different finish on each sides of the blades. Pick the finish that best fits your space!
  • LED LIGHT SPECS: Two E26 / B10 LED bulbs (included with purchase). Dimmable up to 20%, 2700K, 80CRI, 450 lumens, 4.5 watts and housed in a light-frosted white globe light.
  • FAN MEASUREMENTS: For standard mounting, the ceiling to bottom of light fixtures measures 13.66 inches. A 4” down rod is included with this dual-mount ceiling fan.
  • EASY-TO-USE CONTROLS: Traditional pull chains included for easy "on and off" adjustments but this fan is also compatible with Honeywell ceiling fan remotes.


A high-quality ceiling fan would also have intricate decor and will create an appealing presence in your home.

Do your research properly before buying one. You need one that looks good, has the power you need, and yet is affordable – one that you can only get after researching a bit on your options.

  • The heavy duty and elaborately designed 52-inch indoor ceiling fan in brushed nickel finish is perfect for living rooms, sitting rooms, dining rooms, adding a stylish feeling to your home while providing an outstanding cooling and illuminating function. The ABS blades will last for many years to come without rack or sag.
  • 3 fan speeds allow you to maintain your ideal comfort level. Convenient handheld remote control enables you to operate the fan and light from anywhere in the room.
  • Reversible motor allows you to change the direction of your fan seasonally, for a cooling effect in the summer and warm air distribution in the winter. Ventilation holes on the motor shell ensure ultimate heat dissipation.
  • Etched opal glass with a 15W (3000K) LED panel light inside provides natural white light which is perfect for reading books at night. The panel light is detachable for easy maintenance and installation.
  • Super quiet motor delivers ultra-powerful air movement with whisper-quiet performance so you get the cooling power you want without the noise you don't.