What’s the Best Fan to Cool A Room? Stay Comfortable in Summer

Fans are devices placed in rooms to produce air currents or vapors. Many buildings have these fans because they are used to circulate air, for exhausting dust, cooling motors, and transmissions, forced draft in steam boilers, materials, cooling and drying people, and also used in air conditioning systems, heating and ventilating.

There are two types of fans, the centrifugal fans and propeller fans. Propeller fans are similar to propellers and they work by drawing air through the fan while centrifugal fans pull air into the center and then exhaust it. Selecting a good fan can be difficult and should always be done by a fan expert.

Which Is the Best Selling Fan to Cool A Room?

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Do Fans Actually Cool a Room?

Fans do not cool a room, they make you feel cooler. Most people do not actually understand how a fan works when a fan makes you feel cooler you tend to think that the room is cool.

A fan moves air over skin lowering the temperature of your body but there is totally nothing a fan does for the heat in a room, so whenever you are not in the room ensure that your fan is off because it does nothing with the room’s temperature.

However, fans are wonderful even though they don’t cool the rooms but they can make you feel much better when there is a lot of high temperatures. That is why you will find that fans are placed in buildings and rooms that are congested.

A fan is simply a device that cools the air and not the room, they simply produce a cool air stream apart from cooling the air fans can also reduce humidity. Some fans consist of a dry function whose main purpose is to reduce humidity.

A fan should only be used when you are in the room because leaving a fan on cannot change the situation in the room.

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Are There Any Fans That Cool the Air?

Air conditioners are mostly used to cool the air but some fans can cool air. These fans just work as air conditioners below are the several types of fans to cool the air.

Hurricane fan, Holmes and Lasko tower fan, Dyson cool tower fan, GreenTech Pure flow, and many others. These are some of the fans that can cool air. They are very effective and can cool your home without increasing your utility bills.

Several people prefer using these fans because they are cheap and since there are several types of cooling fans you should decide the type you want whether box fans, ceiling fans, tabletop fans, tower fans or stand fans.

Since you have known that some fans can cool air, always be keen when purchasing them so that you don’t end up purchasing the wrong fans. They are really good especially when the temperature in your home is high. These fans can help in cooling the air and make you feel good and comfortable.

Fans can help you have a better rest by providing a fresh and cool environment, the main benefit of these fans is reducing heat and circulating air. Unlike air conditioners, fans save a lot of energy, fans that cool the air are meant for those people living in areas with relative humidity.

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Do Air Circulators Cool Rooms?

Yes. Air circulators cool rooms even though most people prefer fans to circulators. This fan looks like an electric traditional fan but it does a great job in cooling a room. It moves air in the whole room since it circulates 360 degrees of air.

It is much better than a fan because a fan only flows air into one direction, unlike air circulators that flows air in the entire room. Air circulators are not suitable for small rooms because they make a lot of noise when placed in large areas the noise will be less annoying.

If you have been thinking of purchasing an air circulator, go for it as it does a great job in cooling rooms much better than fans. Don’t look at how a circulator is designed, look at how it works. You want something to help in cooling your rooms and not a decoration.

Even though they may look old fashioned but they do a great job as compared to fans and other coolers. You may not find several varieties of air circulators because they all have similar designs. So if you have never used a circulator before, try using it because the job it does in cooling your room is better than that of a fan.

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What Is The Best Type Of Fan For A Bedroom?

There are several types of fans but some of them are meant for bedrooms. The reason why you need this kind of fan in your bedroom is that bedroom fans improve the quality of your sleep, awake refreshed, and helps you rest well.

Any fan can be placed in the bedroom but there are particular ones specifically meant for bedrooms. You need to look at the performance of a fan before placing them in a bedroom, remember that bedroom is a place to rest and there should be no other disturbances.

Bedroom fans are silent and they do not disturb you. So when picking one, ensure that you look at the features. Let us look at some of the ideal fans for bedrooms.

1. Silence Oscillating Fan

If you need a fan with a quiet and powerful freeze, an oscillating fan is the right one for you. This fan has several speed settings the turbo boost which provides strong airflow. In addition to that, this fan does not make any noise at all hence giving you peace of sleeping.

2. Vornado Air Circulator Fan

This fan is the best and can be placed in rooms with larger spaces and no matter how big your bedroom is you will not fail to get a comfortable breeze because this fan has deep-pitched blades to move air.

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Where Should a Fan Be Placed In a Bedroom?

Before thinking of purchasing a fan, you should know why you need it and where it will be placed. Fans come in different sizes and shapes, so before buying one look at how big your room is, how tall it is, the number of windows available, where you want to place the fan, on the wall, floor, or window?

This will help you when choosing the right fan. Since bedrooms are smaller, finding the best fan is much easier because there is a majority of them that will suit the bedroom space.

The type of fan will determine its positioning you can decide to position it on the wall, windows, or on the ceiling. But for the case of your bedroom, you can place the fan on the floor and ensure that it faces the opposite direction to where you sleep.

Most of the people prefer placing fans on the floor, especially in bedrooms because bedroom fans are small in size and placing them on the ceiling will not cool the entire room.

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Why Is My Room So Hot Even With the Fan on?

The main reason could be because the heat is too much for a fan to sustain. Most of the time you may realize that your room is hot even with the fan on and windows open. No matter how hard you try to the hot air out, the heat will just rise in a few minutes.

The air in your room could also be hot because the walls are hot, your bed is hot and your carpets are too hot. When you notice that your fan can not handle such a situation, the only way to handle such a situation is by using the air conditioner.

Air conditioners do not add cold in your room but they remove heat and to remove the heat completely it will have to work for quite a long time. So whenever air in your room does not cool down even with fans on don’t panic, just look for another alternative.

One of the main reasons why your room gets warmer instead of cooling down is simply because there is too much heat in your room. This heat comes from other parts of your house and you need something better than a fan to get rid of that heat.

You may notice this problem especially when your house is bigger and if you cannot use a conditioner just try running the most powerful fan for 24 hours every other day. This idea won’t work for too long the air will still warm up.

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How Long Does It Take To Circulate Air In A Room?

It only takes 10 to 15 minutes to circulate air in a room. Leaving your windows open does not work because it will only cool walls and not the entire room.

Another way of circulating air in a room within a short period is open windows before 10 am or after 9 pm. Because this is the only time that the air is less polluted.

With the help of a fan, air would be circulated in less than 10 minutes and you will always have cool air whenever you follow these methods. The only places in the house where air does not circulate properly are kitchens and bathrooms.

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Which Way Should Fan Spin To Cool?

There are certain directions that ceiling fans should follow in order to cool a room. All fans rotate particularly to certain directions but most of us have never been keen to observe so long as the room is cool and that is what is required.

During summer times a fan should move in a forward direction, this way a cool environment is created. This direction is also known as counterclockwise when it moves in this direction it forces the air in the room down hence making you feel cooler than before.

There is also a reverse direction that your fun should follow and this is during winter. During winter times, you should ensure that your fan moves in a reverse or clockwise direction. This draws the room air up and the warm air down. It also draws air out towards the walls to prevents you from getting the chilling effect of the wind.

Whenever you put in a fan ensure that you check the directions because when they take the wrong direction you are likely going to assume that the fan is not working it has a problem.

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Which Way Should A Fan Go In Summer?

During summer, a fan should move in a forward direction. The forward direction is also called counter-clockwise when a fan moves in this direction it forces the air in the room to go down hence producing a wind chill that makes you feel cool.

At this particular period, a fan should be in a position to blow down air and that is why it should run in a counter-clockwise direction. The higher the temperatures, the higher the speed of the fan.

As much as you want a lot of airflow during winter, you still have to control the fan from producing excess air. Buy a fan with various control features because you don’t want to climb in ladders every now and then.

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How Do You Maximize Airflow In a Room?

Airflow is needed in each and every room when a fan or new systems are installed. Technicians will always ensure that the airflow is well balanced. But for the case of single or small rooms, airflow could be excess and someone has to maximize. Here are some ways of maximizing airflow.

  • Room Registers

When airflow is too much, simply adjust the room registers. You can decide to close the registers completely or partially. If the airflow is not too much, you can decide to do partial closing of the registers because closing them permanently can damage return ducts.

  • Manual Dampers

These are doors that are installed in ductwork branches, they can be closed or opened depending on what you want to do with airflow. Whenever you want to reduce it increase airflow simply open the manual dampers using the external handles.

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How Can I Add Airflow In a Room?

Sometimes you would want to increase airflow in a room but you don’t know-how. Here are some ways of adding airflow in a room. Consider cleaning ducts, turn on ceiling fans, always check vents and registers, invest in a ventilator, and Schedule HVAC maintenance.

These are some ways of adding airflow in your rooms, it is not a big deal just follow the above-mentioned things and everything will be okay concerning airflow increase.


Final Words

Fans help us get cool air in our houses and rooms whenever temperatures are too high, a lot of heat in a room makes the place stuffy and less conducive but with the help of fans the room is able to get fresh air and you can also feel the cooling effect within a few minutes. Therefore, why not buy the best-reviewed fans to make your place more comfortable?

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