Are you planning on acquiring the best tower fan? There are plenty of considerations that you should be armed with. The markets are flooded with multiple models, each one engineered with its features.

Such deferring features include remote controls, air purifications, bells, and whistles, among others. However, you may not have to spend your time in the pool whenever hot summer knocks in, but you can as well in front of the fan.

Today we are going to equip you with what you should know about these tower fans.

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What is the Cooling Tower Fan?

A cooling tower fan refers to an engineered device aimed at getting rid of the waste heat or undesired temperature conditions by creating a constant airflow. It possesses inlets which enable the drawing in of the air. Depending on its design, some of the tower fans are equipped with dust filters, and others achieved its cooling by the use of moisture.

Comparison Chart of Best Cooling Tower Fan on the Market?

What Are the General Benefits of a Tower Fan

Tower fans, apart from general air circulation, there are multiple benefits accrued on its installation. Similarly, the specifications you picked when you are looking for one always dictates the benefits you will enjoy. However, the significance of installing one always goes with the type of fan you choose. We will take you through their well-elaborated benefits. Here are they:

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1. Saves on the space

Regardless of how small the room you install it on, the tower fans are preferred compared to other fans. This is still achieved via how they have been designed. Moreover, most of them are slim or small such that you can hide at your preferred position. You might be wondering how little it is, with tower fans you can comfortably position it next to your study table, couches or any other part of the room. So, if your space is small, don’t worry.

2. Air purification

Even though we are discussing the benefits of the tower fans, this also remains one of the benefits you’d die to enjoy. Most of these fans are equipped with ionizers. Apart from ensuring a breezing effect, it also attracts dust. This ionizer always releases charged ions, which draws the impurities present in the air. Additionally, you should clean the fan after some time. Generally, your home will be free from dust and other contaminants.

3. More efficient

The tower fans do not always dictate the room or the position to be installed. You can position it wherever you want it and thus easy to control. Similarly, its operation is always a noise-free hence comfortable air circulation without any disturbance. To enjoy its efficiency, take note of specifications that makes them whisper. However, with this benefit, you can position it in your bedroom.

4. Enhances beauty

The tower fans are designed in a stylish manner making it more attractive. Moreover, they do not disrupt your home decoration designs. The cooling effect alone would leave your guests amazed hence complimenting your house. The house beauty can also be dictated by air freshness as the tower fans constantly trap the dust or any impurities. Make an effort to acquire one and will guarantee your home décor.

5. Humidity balance

The tower fans always maintain the current humidity of the room. With this, your health will not be affected since the skin moisture is of importance.

Are Tower Fans Loud?

The selection of the tower fans has always revolved on its operational nature. However, tower fans re always equipped with the features that enable them to whisper or operate silently. Comparatively, the circular fans are still louder, or we can say noisemakers, but the tower fans are always quiet. If you are looking for a fan to position it in your child bedroom or yours, tower fans will remain the best as it is noise-free.

Why Should You Get a Tower Fan?

There are multiple reasons that will make you go for the tower fan compared to other fans. We are going to generate a picture of ideas about why the tower fan is the best choice. Here are the reasons:

1 The oscillation features

Even though the tower fans might look small, they are positioned to distribute the air across your house. Proper positioning is key. This feature always enhances the good performance. Regardless of your house space, you will still enjoy the good air circulation.

2 Ability to change its speed

Tower fans are equipped with advanced features of speed control. However, the variable speed always goes with the intensity of the cooling effect. So, this will comfortably fit your children’s room as you can control the strength of the breeze. Again, we can say that with the tower fans, you are exposed to fewer health hazards.

3 Easy control

The tower fan always has a remote control, enabling you to control the fan without unnecessary movement across the house. Additionally, they are also equipped with inbuilt controls that get rids of an odor as it releases the scent.

Will a Tower Fan Cool a Room

The tower fan always cools the room to your required level. In the event of air circulation, the place generally gets cooled. What you should know about its cooling effects is that it can be controlled. Similarly, the ability to control the speed always provides a varying cooling impact.

Different Types of a Cooling Tower Fan

Air cooling tower fan

This involves the tower fans who function by producing an air cooling effect. These fans always regulate the house temperature. Uniquely, these fans are also controllable as you can use the remote controls to operate. This makes it easy to control. However, the air circulators always displace the air present in the room hence bringing about the breezing effect.

Additionally, to maintain the operating function of a multi-task fan, including the dust purifier, you have constantly cleaned it. Most of the tower fans always collect a lot of dirt as it operates. Generally, the dust will still affect the freshness of the circulated air.

Oscillating cooling tower fan

This involves the fans who use remote controls to adjust their speed as it distributes the air over a wider area. With this type, they designed in different styles. However, they all provide cool air without any noise. They are equipped with a sophisticated character that ensures its smooth-running operation. These include the air ionization, which aids in air purification. The negative ions developed to attract dust. Generally, these ions play a vital role in keeping the room air free from the impurities. It also saves on the space as it is small; this implies that you can position it without being easily noticed.

Moreover, setting this type of fan is easy, as it does not involve assembling any tools. If you have your children around, these fans ensure safety compared to other fans whose blades run in a risky manner. Additionally, these fans are portables, thus ease in moving it from one room to another. It is perfect for bedrooms, home offices, and living areas.  

Room cooling tower fans

This involves the fans whose primary function is to circulate the air as it generates the cooling effects. However, they are designed to serve a wider area as well as enhance your home décor. With this type of fan, the airflow is always programmed to follow a certain pattern . some have been designed with the LED screens with an attractive light improving your house image. Similarly, they are engineered to produce a whispering speed hence minimal disturbance. This type does not require any tools to install.

Moreover, like other tower fans, it requires regular cleaning, especially when exposed to a more dusty environment. Room cooling towers are favorably used in humid areas.

Portable cooling tower fan

This involves the tower fans that can be carried from place to place. Its small and sleek design normally characterizes them. They also provide cool air over a wider area. Similarly, they are lightweight with less power consumption. Additionally, in the current markets, the manufacturers have come with an easy to carry tower fans. This is preferred by many as it saves on space, and its sleek design makes it attractive. They also come in different colors to fit well with your house or the color of your choice.

Tower air cooling fan

Tower air cooling fans are always energy efficient hence saves on cost. Generally, it doesn’t mean that its operation is poor, but experimentally, it still works to our expectations. However, when it comes to controlling them, most use a remote control system. This system can allow you to increase or reduce its speed. This benefit will enable you easy control at your comfort without necessarily moving around the house.

Best Cooling Tower Fan Reviews

1. Lasko Silverwood T42954 Electric Tower Fan

best tower fans to cool a room


  • Powerful breeze
  • Optional oscillation
  • Auto shut off timer programmable
  • Patented Plug safety fuse technology
  • Convenient display and sets
  • Widespread oscillation
  • Built-in carry handle

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The list starts with the Lasko Portable and electric oscillating Tower fan here to make your night as comfortable as you need it to be. It’s a 14-inch tall unit fitted with a couple of ease-of-use features and advanced fanning systems. The Silverwood T42954 comes powered with 3-speed settings; high-medium and low. All these three allow you to control how you need the cooling to be with top speed being quite powerful to blow out air across the room. It’s a perfect solution for those that live in the heated area and have no central air or window AC.

Quiet Operation

The Lasko Silverwood T42954 is designed to create the perfect breeze and stay quiet; you can still hear your TV with a high-speed setting. The fan design and the fins allow the air to be pushed out quickly with no blockage. The motor runs cool, and it’s adequately housed to eliminate all the rotating noises.

Compact, Space-Saving Design

Another intriguing feature about this Lasko fan is the space-saving design. The unit comes with a sleek, slim, vertical design that allows it to optimize floor space. It enables you to place it in areas where box and pedestal cannot fit in without sacrificing the air circulation, style, and comfort.


  • ETL Listed
  • Energy efficient
  • A Real Space Saver
  • Easy to assemble and operate
  • Optimizes floor space
  • A sleek, vertical design


  • Unreliable warranty


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2. TaoTronics Oscillating Tower Fan

honeywell cooling tower fan


  • Compact Design
  • 3-powerful modes
  • 3-fan speeds settings
  • 9-different airflow settings
  • Optimized LED display

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The next model is from TaoTronics, a renowned brand known for producing nothing but the best quality products. This upcoming model in the list, TaoTronics Oscillating Tower Fan is a high-quality unit designed to deliver exceptional room cooling both during the day and during the night. As a highly-robust floor fan with an upright design, it allows you to save on space without compromising air circulation quality and comfort. It does come with remote control for more comfortable operability and a Large LED Display for your usage convenience.

Customizable Airflow

The TaoTronics Oscillating Tower Fan comes equipped with three dominant modes: normal, natural, and sleep. There are also three fan speeds: high, medium, and low. What’s more, still on this model, nine different airflow settings allow you to meet multiple cooling needs. All these settings and modes are there to make sure you achieve and customized airflow and cooling.

Optimum Coverage

The TaoTronics Oscillating Tower Fan is designed to perform a perfect 65°oscillation. The design allows it to distribute air with high velocity all around you and optimize airflow and circulation to achieve quick cooling. That is a perfect idea of saving energy with this tower cooling fan.


  • Wide versatility
  • Fused safety plug
  • Quiet, real space-saving
  • ETL-certified and bladeless


  • Not that quiet


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3. Lasko Blackwood T42950 Portable Tower Fan

tower cooling fan price


  • Patented Plug safety fuse technology
  • 3 H/M/L speed settings
  • Built-in carry handle
  • Optional oscillation
  • Built-in Ionizer
  • Handy remote

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Here is another Lasko Product, the Blackwood T42950, a portable, oscillating electric fan featuring a space-saving tower design. It’s a perfectly designed model that uses a Fresh Air Ionizer. Now, you can beat the heat with this quiet running tower fan. It’s designed to create excellent airflow to make your room more refreshing and fresh. It has an inbuilt ionizer that disperses negative ions in millions to bond with the positive charge ions of smoke, dust, bacteria, pollen, and other allergens.

Small, compact and portable design

The best thing about this product is, you get to cool your room ideally with a space-saving unit. The fan features an oscillating, tower design that allows it to fit in small areas where a standard box fan wouldn’t provide. It does also come with a built-in carry handle allowing you to take it whoever you need cold air. There is also a handy remote that allows you to change the settings from your comfort.


The fan comes powered by three-speed settings; there are high, medium, and low settings. It’s perfect for creating a powerful breeze. And the best thing is, even when running on high-speed, you can still hear your TV. You don’t also need a white noise machine when you have this fan next to your bed; it can handle this correctly.


  • Very quiet
  • ETL Listed and come
  • The sleek, vertical design
  • Energy-efficient timer


  • The plastic construction needs improvement.


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4. Seville Classics UltraSlimline Tower Fan

honeywell quiet cooling tower fan


  • 3-speeds airflow customization
  • Fast-spreading air movement
  • Sleek, contemporary design
  • Super-quiet operation
  • Oscillates 80 degree
  • One-push operation

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Seville Classics is another brand that wants you to have control over the heat in your room. With their UltraSlimline Oscillating Personal Tower Fan, beating the heat of the sweating summer gets easier. It’s here to allow you to have full control over the room temperature. With this model, you can now achieve keeping your room fresh and complementing your life. What’s more intriguing is, the package comes with two personal 17-inch tall tower fans.

Sturdy Construction

With Seville Classics using high-quality materials, the construction of this tower fan is nothing but durable. It does also feature an extra-wide range designed to keep you fresh from any spot. The sleek, space-saving design is also something to praise. It also has a small base that makes it perfect for use under the table, tabletop, or shelves.

Ease of use

The UltraSlimline Personal Tower Fan comes fitted with Push Button Controls allowing straightforward use. Thanks to this design, you can adjust the fan speed, oscillation, and shut-off time using a simple button press. The unit uses three-speed settings, high, medium, and low fan speeds to give you personalized room cooling.


  • ETL Listed
  • LED light indicators
  • Automatic shutdown
  • Extended power cord
  • Three timing selections
  • Space-saving compact design


  • The noise level could be lower.


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5. Lasko 2511 Tower Fan w/Remote Control

tower fan cooling technology


  • Simple Base Assembly
  • Wireless remote control
  • 3-whisper quiet speeds
  • Built-in carry handle
  • Built-in 7 hour timer

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Lasko is a brand with quite a reputation behind them, and that’s why we have another model in this top best cooling tower fan reviews. Lasko 2511 Tower Fan comes with three whisper-quiet speed settings for customizable and optimal airflow. With three settings, it gets easier to get smooth, consistent airflows. The fan is made from a combination of high-quality plastic and metal to create a durable, yet lightweight model.

Widespread Oscillation

For it to ensure you get direct airflow all-round you, the fan has an optional oscillation system. You can turn it to allow it to direct air side to side gently while distributing it in the room.

Built-in Timer

It does also come with a built-in timer that shuts it automatically. The timer is customizable from 1-hours to 7-hours with a 60-minute increment. There is also a conveniently sized display that will show you the hours it set to operate.

Wireless Remote Control

When it comes to operating Lasko 2511, everything is made easy by using convenient controls and remote control, which you can use to change the oscillation, speed, and timer. You can also use the RM to turn on and off the nightlight.


  • Wireless Remote
  • Elegantly Designed
  • Patented Safety Plug
  • Easy to Use Controls
  • Conveniently sized display


  • High on the price


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6. Sunrection Hot & Cool Air Multiplier Leafless Fan

room cooling tower fans


  • Sleep Timer
  • Remote Control
  • Ten precise airflow settings
  • Patented air multiplier technology
  • Permanent magnet brushless motor
  • Powerful, uninterrupted airflow stream

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The last product on the list is the Sunrection Hot & Cool Air Fan. It is a whole-room tower fan that uses a remote control. It delivers natural air cooling and fast air warming. From the image above, you can already tell it’s unique in its design. The model is high-performance, and the design change has proved to be effective. As a whole-room tower fan, it saves you space while also allowing you to enjoy your life in a cool or warmer place.

Bladeless Design

This Sunrection fan has a unique design that allows you to enjoy a supply of cool wind with the utmost safety. If you compare it to the traditional bladed air fans, this leafless fan uses air multiplier technology for creating soft, natural, and durable cool wind. That means there is no pinch or electric shock. It’s a perfect fan of a home with pregnant women, the elderly, and babies.

Patented Air Multiplier with Fast Cooling

Sunrection equipped the fan with a patented air multiplier ideal for pure cool leafless fans. It couples it together with a permanent-magnet, brushless motor to create robust steam of continuous airflow without the need for the fast-spinning blades. What’s more, the airflow can be easily directed around your room with the 90-degree oscillation.


  • Uniform and pleasant airflow
  • Quieter and energy efficient
  • Durable construction
  • Low noise operation
  • Easy to Install


  • Requires installation


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Tower Cooling Fan Price

Tower fans always vary in price but are generally affordable. The prices differ according to their features. However, their design might change, how portable it is, the energy consumption among others always dictates their prices. Be armed with their specifications first, and you’ll be guaranteed the best fan.

Tower Fan Cooling Feature

The tower fan always works with an electric motor that propels the blades. These blades still run to ensure the required breeze. However, the powered blades move the air through the container. Additionally, these blades are designed to push the air upwards or downwards along the box. Such movement allows the distribution of air hence delivering the breeze.

Tower Fan Cooling Technology

Technology has played an important role in fan revolutions. Tower fans can now be controlled using your smartphone. It is possible through the use of Bluetooth technology. An app accompanies some while others are equipped with LEDs.

Cooling Tower Fan Blades

Tower fan blades are engineered with high-quality material, which ensures sturdy. However, they are equipped with the polymax coating to resists the UVs hence durability. They also light since the weight is concentrated on the center of the tower fan.

Best Brands of a Cooling Tower Fan

1 Honeywell

Honeywell tower fan is technologically designed to spring breeze in your home. It also allows you to take full control of it via the use of remote control. Similarly, Honeywell runs its operations quietly without any disturbance making favorable for the bedrooms. With this fan, you are guaranteed comfort. It also consumes less energy hence saving on costs.

2 Lasko

Lasko ensures a multidirectional flow of air across the wider area. Similarly, its air velocity is accompanied by less noise hence making it conducive for your home. Additionally, it is easy to operate as it does not comes in parts; it is always assembled. These fans are smaller, thus portables, and don’t consume more energy. With this fan, you are guaranteed of a good breeze.

3 Dyson

Dyson is an adjustable speed fan. It always comes with three styles, including low, medium, and high speed. Similarly, it also comes with three different modes, including normal, natural, and sleep. With this fan, you can fully customize or set o fit into your needs. It is also equipped with led, auto temperature detections, and less noise. Generally, it’s a portable fan.

4 Breezewell

Breezewell is an evaporative air cooler. Similarly, it is armed with three wind speeds and four different modes. With this type, they consume less energy with a bladeless design. It will ensure safety to your kids or your pets. Moreover, it delivers air circulation smoothly, without any noise. You can also control using remote control.

Features to Look for in Getting Cooling Tower Fan

1 The cost

This is the most important feature that you must consider. Multiple tower fans are flooded in the markets but at different prices. Always go for the budget-friendly one. It is also advisable that you be equipped with their specifications while buying.

2 Space

What is the size of your room? These fans always cover different area coverage. If your room is big enough, you should go for the one that will satisfy the whole room. Always be on look out when it comes to the room coverage since you might end up with a smaller one.

3 The safety and quality

If you have the children or the pets around then, you should consider their safety. There are tower fans that don’t come with the blades that will favor you. Similarly, if security is not an issue, you can choose between the bladeless or the one with blades. When it comes to quality, choose the one with a high-quality razor and the whole fan. This will help if it falls on the floor or when your children play with it.

4 Energy consumption and its warranty

The manufacturer always indicates power consumption. Always sample out the one that saves on the energy. This is vital as you can keep the power budget. However, during summer periods, your fan will be running more often hence poor consumption. Additionally, before you decide what to purchase, always check on the warranty in case of any malfunction or breakage.

5 The design and air purification

Are you looking at maintaining your home deco? Tower fans always come in different colors and different designs. So, you can comfortably pick the one that fits the color of your house. Similarly, you can also go for that has an attractive design. These fans also play parts in getting rid of the dust within the home. This will ensure pure air circulation.

6 Portability and easy to clean

Having a fan that can be moved from one room to another is enjoyable. However, the tower fans always purify the air, and in the process, it sucks in the dust. With this feature, you should be the one that can be easily cleaned with unnecessarily opening the whole fan. Moreover, select the lighter one as you can carry it around whenever you want to. Additionally, when it comes to the lighter fan, the material made always contributes to the quality such that you might find the lighter one, but if it falls on the floor, it is damaged.

room cooling tower fans

How to Clean and Maintain Tower Fan

The tower fans always collect a lot of dust and impurities. This is one of its purposes, but you should keep cleaning to prevent the clogging of dust. You should note that cleaning is not as complicated as you can use simple and accessible tools.

First, arm yourself with protective masks and eye protectors to prevent breathing the dust in and entering your eyes. Comfortably set the tower fan in an open place.

Secondly, remove the screws in case the fan you are using has the panel. Some do not have groups.

Moreover, turn on the air compressor and allow the pressure to build up.

Thirdly, Use the air compressor to blow off the dust up to inaccessible surfaces. Generally, the blowing practice is done from the top to the down of the fan.

Lastly, after a successful blowing, use a smooth brush to remove the possible remaining dust on its surface.

After cleaning it, put the panel back to its position, and you are free to run your tower fan.


Are you looking for a tower fan? Be well conversant with their specifications. The current market is full of different tower fans. Determining the true fan might be challenged if you are not armed with the features you wanted. Besides, we always want to live in a conducive environment; hence the tower fans will play its role in temperature regulation and air purification. Try to acquire one, and I guarantee you the best experience you will ever have.

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