How to Clean a Tower Fan

As part of maintenance, cleaning of your tower fan is important. It is possible that after a while, you would get dirt accumulating on the fan making it impossible for it to work efficiently. It is not just the dirt you see, but also internal parts might be affected too. A dirty fan would tend to work a lot harder, thus reducing the lifespan of the motor greatly.


Tools needed

As part of cleaning, you would need to bring down the tower oscillating fan and open it up. This means that you would need some essential tools to get the cleaning done. Below are the tools you will need for the process.

  • Paper towel
  • Lubricant
  • Cleaning brush
  • Screwdriver
  • An air compressor
  • Protective mask
  • Procedure

best ways to clean tower fan

Disassemble the fan

Find a place to work on the tower fan away from the kids. The protective mask is important for keeping the dirt getting into your lungs during the cleaning process.

Start by removing the plastic made of the fan to make it easier for the cleaning process. Proceed to remove the screws at the rear of the fan. These screws should be easy to undo in most cases. Remove the panels carefully marking where each goes. If the rear panel is not coming out, you need to for any hidden screws concealed by plastic tabs.

With all screws removed, most of the parts would be just held by a few clips or latches. Simply dislodge them and open up the panels. Use just enough force so that you do not end up breaking the clips.

Cleaning the cage and vents

The best way to clean the tower fan would be using an air compressor. It is the best tool as it will blow away all the dirt and dust leaving you with a clean fan that works great. You can move the parts out of the enclosed area before blowing so that most of the dust and dirt would be blown without creating a dust cloud in the room.

If there is still some dirt or dust after blowing, use a soft brush to remove the hardened dirt. Give it a thorough sweep which should leave you with a clean fan. It is possible to also use a damp cloth to clean up the parts so that you remove all the dirt. Leave the parts to dry before reassembling them.

Cleaning the motor

The motor also needs some cleaning so that it does not work too hard to fan the room. Blow it with an air compressor to remove the dirt. With the dirt removed, it is time to lubricate the parts. Make sure that you get to lubricate the parts well so that there is less friction. With friction to a minimum, the fan would stay for longer giving you that cool breeze you always like.

Assembling the fan

Now that the fan has been cleaned to your satisfaction, you should start the process of putting it back together. Proceed to assemble the motor parts and proceed to the outer housing. With everything assembled, you should be ready to start the fan.

The cleaning process of a tower fan is fairly easy. You should no reason why your fan is not working properly when cleaning could only take a few minutes. Make sure to clean more often as a way of doing proper maintenance to the fan.